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Page 551 - Having now particularly described and ascertained the nature of my said invention and in what manner the same is to be performed, I declare that what I claim is (d).
Page vii - MANUFACTURE is a word, which, in the vicissitude of language, has come to signify the reverse of its intrinsic meaning, for it now denotes every extensive product of art, which is made by machinery, with little or no aid of the human hand ; so that the most perfect manufacture is that which dispenses entirely with manual labour.
Page 219 - It consists of the cylindrical form, varying from five to seven feet in diameter, with two flues, which extend the whole length of the boiler; they are perfectly cylindrical, and of sufficient magnitude to admit a furnace in each. This boiler is the simplest and probably the most effective that has yet been constructed. It presents a large flue surface as the recipient of heat, and the double flues when riveted to the flat ends add greatly to the security and strength of those parts. It moreover...
Page 22 - Sykes's hydrometer, possesses in many respects decided advantages over those formerly in use. The committee of the Royal Society state that a definite mixture of alcohol and water is as invariable in its value as absolute alcohol can be, and can be more, readily and with equal accuracy identified by that only quality or condition to which recourse can be had in practice, namely, specific gravity.
Page 279 - An ordeal stronger still was then resorted to ^ a train of 200 tons of coals was allowed to rest with all its weight for two hours in the centre of the...
Page 88 - If the ground is tolerably soft, the weight of the two workmen bearing, upon the cross-bar and occasionally forcing it round, will soon cause the chisel to penetrate ; but if the ground is hard or strong, the workmen strike the chisel down with repeated blows, so as to peck their way, often changing their situation by walking round, which breaks the stones, or other hard substances, that may happen to obstruct its progress. The...
Page 310 - The face of the block is either carved in relief into the desired design, like an ordinary woodcut, or the figure is formed by the insertion edgewise into the wood of narrow slips of flattened copper wire.
Page 9 - Fir does not answer. The heat is kept up during the day-time, and the furnace is allowed to cool during the night. Next morning the door is opened, the charcoal removed, and a new charge of wood is introduced. The average product of crude vinegar called pyrolignous acid is 35 gallons. It is much contaminated with tar; is of a deep brown colour; and has a sp.
Page 408 - ... of water. These shelves are piled one over another in the chamber, to the height of five or six feet, cross-bars below each keeping them about an inch asunder, that the gas may have free room to circulate over the surface of the calcareous hydrate. The alembics for generating the chlorine, which are usually nearly spherical, are in some cases made entirely of lead, in others, of two hemispheres joined together in the middle, the upper hemisphere being lead, the under one cast-iron. The first...
Page 89 - This fork is to be brought down under the shoulder, near the top of each rod, and made fast to it by passing a pin through two little holes in the claws. The rods are thus drawn up, about seven feet at a time, which is the usual distance between each joint; and at every haul a fork...

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