A History of the Later Roman Empire: From Arcadius to Irene (395 A.D. to 800 A.D.)

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Macmillan and Company, 1889 - Byzantine Empire

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Page 266 - Gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in the whole world, for a testimony to all nations : and then shall the consummation come. When, therefore, you shall see the abomination of desolation, which was spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing in the holy place...
Page 186 - The fast-travelling reed writes down the holy words, and thus avenges the malice of the Wicked One, who caused a reed to be used to smite the head of the Saviour.
Page 258 - IN the name of the merciful and compassionate God. Say, ' He is God alone ! God the Eternal! He begets not and is not begotten ! Nor is there like unto Him any one !
Page 8 - Soon after the receipt of this letter the king's ambassador also came, and the duke said to him, "You must wait a little while we look out and procure beasts of burden and men who know the deserts, and then you will be able to proceed.
Page 62 - Jews, whose social position had been previously so bad, that the decline of their neighbours, at least, afforded them some relative improvement. The Jews, too, at this period, were the only neutral nation who could carry on their trade equally with the Persians, Ethiopians, Arabs, and Goths ; for, though they were hated everywhere, the universal dislike was a reason for tolerating a people never likely to form common cause with any other.
Page 504 - Empire was possessed by a woman, it then seemed both to Leo the Pope himself, and to all the holy fathers who were present in the selfsame council, as well as to the rest of the Christian people, that they ought to take to be Emperor Charles king of the Franks, who held...
Page 504 - And because the name of emperor had now ceased among the Greeks, and their empire was possessed by a woman, it seemed both to Leo the pope himself, and to all the holy fathers who were present in the self-same...
Page 40 - ... some means by which the real Roman system of construction might be preserved and made prominent, without casting aside a feature of such exquisite beauty as the Greek column, especially in the stately and sumptuous form into which it had grown in Roman hands. The problem was to bring the arch and the column into union — in other words, to teach the column to support the arch. It strikes us that in the palace at Spalato we may see a series of attempts at so doing, a series of strivings, of experiments,...
Page 8 - Julian ; and further uiy will is that my ambassador should arrive at the aforesaid people before his majesty's ; be warned, that if you permit his ambassador to arrive there before mine, and do not hinder him by various pretexts until mine shall have reached you and shall have passed through your province and arrived at his destination, your life shall answer for it ; for I shall immediately send and take off your head.
Page 504 - ... of the Christian people, that they ought to take to be emperor Charles, king of the Franks, who held Rome herself, where the Caesars had always been wont to sit, and all the other regions which he ruled through Italy and Gaul and Germany; and inasmuch as God had given all these lands into his hand, it seemed right that with the help of God, and at the prayer of the whole Christian people, he should have the name of emperor also.

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