The annals or history of Yale-college, 1700 to 1766

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Page 3 - Haven and formed themselves into a body or society, to consist of eleven ministers, including a rector, and agreed to found a college in the colony of Connecticut; which they did...
Page 43 - Before this Time there never had been any perfect Catalogue of the Books in the Library ; for want of which the Students were deprived of much of the Benefit and Advantage of them.
Page 43 - Library) and put a number to every book in its proper class and box ; and then took three catalogues of the books, one as they stood in their proper order on the shelves, and another in an alphabetical order, and a third wherein the most valuable books were placed under proper heads, according to the subject matter of them ; together with figures referring to the place and number of each book. By which means it might...
Page 65 - ... to send their children to receive the advantages of an education in this college: provided, that while they are here, they conform to all the laws and orders of it.
Page 51 - Use of the said College, in Lieu of all former Grants, One Hundred Pounds Silver Money, at the Rate of Six Shillings and Eight Pence per Ounce, to be paid in Bills of public Credit or other Currency equivalent to the said Hundred Pounds (the Rate or Value thereof to be stated from Time to Time by this Assembly) in two equal Payments, in October and May annually, this payment to continue during the Pleasure of this Assembly.
Page 46 - Benefactions of many liberal and piously disposed Persons, and under the Blessing of Almighty God has trained up many worthy Persons for the Service of God in the State as well as in the Church...
Page 71 - ... society or quasi corporation, (as my lord Coke says,) near two years before they had a charter, were the founders of the College ; and that they formed it by making a large and formal donation of books, above a year before they had a charter from the government.
Page 6 - Court now assembled, and it is enacted and ordained by the authority of the same, that there be, and hereby is, full liberty, right, and privilege granted unto the Rev. Mr. James Noyes, of Stonington, Mr. Israel Chauncy, of Stratford, Mr.
Page 11 - The Rector shall also cause the Scriptures daily (except on the Sabbath) morning and evening to be read by the students at the times of prayer in the school according to the laudable order and usage of Harvard College, 'making...
Page 38 - the finest collection of books that ever came together at one time into America." For a century and a half the growth of this library was very slow, the college being oppressed with poverty.

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