Debating Terrorism and Counterterrorism: Conflicting Perspectives on Causes, Contexts, and Responses: Conflicting Perspectives on Causes, Contexts, and Responses

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CQ, Division of SAGE, Oct 27, 2009 - Political Science - 395 pages

 With original contributions from some of the most prominent academics and professionals on terrorism and counterterrorism, Stuart Gottlieb’s debate-style reader will compel your students to wrestle with the conflicting perspectives that define the field. Unlike other volumes in which readings talk past one another, Debating Terrorism and Counterterrorism features brief paired “pro” and “con” essays written specifically for the book that directly address the urgent questions surrounding terrorism.

The essays address both theoretical questions and pragmatic concerns including:

How significant a threat is nuclear terrorism? Is poverty a root cause of terrorism? Is suicide terrorism an effective tactic?Does Islam play a unique role in religious terrorism?Can the spread of democracy defeat terrorism? Must security come at the expense of civil liberties?

An incisive introduction and useful chapter headnotes from the editor provide students with necessary context and prepare them to read each argument critically, allowing them to understand the past, present, and future of terrorism and counterterrorism.

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