Starfinder: The Complete Beginner's Guide to Exploring the Night Sky

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Penguin, Aug 16, 2010 - Nature - 128 pages

Find everything you need to observe, understand and enjoy the night sky in this complete guide for star watchers.

Pick up the handy visual guide and find out what you'll need to get started and when to look for stars, plus explore a complete introduction to the Solar System. Use the planisphere to navigate the entire sky any time of night, throughout the year.

Whether you're a complete beginner or an accomplished astronomer, this is your up-to-date guide to exploring the cosmos.


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Good Deal

User Review  - waynec60435 -

Your quality is GREAT I recently purchased a telescope. Went looking around and did not have a clue. This is a very big plus and very very good quality!!! Read full review

Happy Viewer

User Review  - tinalulu4 -

I bought this as a Christmas present for my brother. It arrived as scheduled and my brother was extatic. He put it togehter on the same night and watched the sky. He was very happy with a little kid. Read full review


Finding your way 16
Looking into space 18
The starry sphere 20
The changing sky 22
A piece of sky 24
Your view of the solar system 26
The Milky Way and beyond 28
Getting started 30
Aquarius Pisces Cetus Orion 74
Canis Major Canis Minor Monoceros Hydra Antlia 76
Sextans Crater Corvus Centaurus Lupus 78
Sagittarius Scorpius Capricornis Microscopium Piscis Austrinus 80
Sculptor Fornax Caelum Eridanus Lepus 82
Columba Pyxis Puppis Vela Carina 84
Crux Musca Circinus Norma Triangulum Australe 86
Ara Corona Australis Telescopium Indus Grus 88

Star hopping 32
The solar system 34
Whats in the solar system? 36
The Sun 38
The Moon 40
Observing the Moon 42
Mercury and Venus 44
Mars 46
Jupiter 48
Saturn 50
Uranus Neptune and the dwarf planets 52
Comets meteors and asteroids 54
Mapping the sky 56
Ursa Minor Draco Cepheus Cassiopeia 58
Camelopardalis Auriga Lynx Ursa Major 60
Canes Venatici Bo÷tes Hercules Lyra 62
Cygnus Andromeda Lacerta Triangulum Perseus 64
Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer 66
Leo Minor Coma Berenices Leo Virgo Libra 68
Corona Borealis Serpens Ophiuchus Scutum 70
Sagitta Aquila Vulpecula Delphinus Equuleus Pegasus 72
Phoenix Tucana Hydrus Horologium Reticulum 90
Pictor Dorado Volans Mensa 92
Chamaeleon Apus Pavo Octans 94
Monthly sky guide 96
January 98
February 100
March 102
April 104
May 106
June 108
July 110
August 112
September 114
October 116
November 118
December 120
Glossary 122
Index 124
Acknowledgments 128

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Giles Sparrow is a writer specializing in astronomy and space science.He has degrees in astronomy and science communication, and has worked for 15 years as an editor and author, writing on subjects ranging from particle physics to geography.An avid follower of the unfolding story of space exploration, he has written on space technology and the history of spaceflight in a wide range of books, including DK Publishing's bestselling Universe.

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