A Complete Treatise on the Electro-Deposition of Metals Comprising Electro-Plating and Galvanoplastic Operations, the Deposition of Metals by the Con

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Read Books, 2008 - Technology & Engineering - 572 pages
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THE rapid sale of the second American edition of Dr. George Langbeins work, Handhch der Galvanische M etall-Niederschlaege, and the constant demand for it, are the best proofs of the value and usefulness of the book. In the third edition, which is now presented to the public, no changes have been made in the arrangement of the text, and it has been endeavored to include all practical methods of plating metals which have become known since the publication of the first and second editions, as well as the most recent machinery and apparatus, so as to make the work still more acceptable and useful to the reader. The editor is under obligations for information and electrotypes to the Hanson Van Winkle Co., of Newark, N. J., the well-known firm dealing in electro-platers supplies to the Electro-Chemical Storage Battery Co., of New York City, and to Mr. Rossard, inventor of the Bossard Mechano-Electroplating, Tanks. The publishers have spared no expense in the proper illustration and the mechanical production of the work, and, like the previous editions, it has been provided with a copious table of contents and a very full index, so as to render reference to any subject prompt and easy. W. T. B. PHILADELPH F IA eb, r uary I, I 898.THE art of the electro-deposition of rrlctals has during recent years attained such a high degree of development, that it was felt that a coniprchensive and complete treatise was needed to represent the present advanced state of this important industry. In furtherance of this object, a translation of Dr. George I-angbei ns work, VoZZ tafndige H s aledbuch r f w Gahm i sckejt Mctnll rVicderschlc ege i, s presented to the English-reading public with the full confidencethat it will not onIy fill a iscful place in technica1 literature, hut will also prove a ready book of reference and a practical guide for the workshop. In fact, it is especially intended for the practical workman, wherein hc can find advice and information regarding the treatment of thc objects while in the bath, as wcll as before and aftcr electro-plating. The author, Dr. George Langbein, is himself a master of the art, being the proprictor of an cxtensivc electro-plating establishment combincd with a man tfactory of chernical products, machincry and apparatus used in the industry. The results yielded by the modern dynamo-electric machines, to which the great advailce in the electro-plating art is largely due, are in every respect satisfactory, and the more so since the need of accurate, and at the same time handy, measuring instruments has also been supplied...

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