The cottage in the chalk-pit

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Page 258 - DESLYON'S FRENCH DIALOGUES, Practical and Familiar, constructed so as to enable all Persons at once to practise Conversing in the French...
Page 80 - Mineralogy, ofthe individual portions, or substances which, by entering into combination, form the mass. A knowledge of mineralogy is therefore essential to the geologist, and for...
Page 259 - LUCY; or the little Enquirer. Being the Conversation of a Mother with her infant Daughter.
Page 260 - Price 2s. 6d. neatly half bound. CITY SCENES; or, a Peep into London, for good Children. By the Authors of Rural Scenes. With 103 Copper-plates. Price 2s. Cd. neatly half
Page 260 - The Mother's Fables : In Verse. Designed, through the Medium of Amusement, to Convey to Children some Useful Precepts of Virtue and Benevolence. By EL Aveline, Author of " Simple Ballads,
Page 259 - Rhymes' have better claims to the title of poets, than many who arrogate to themselves that high appellation." Critical Review. HYMNS for INFANTS, by the Authors of Original Poems. Price Is. 6d. half bound. RURAL SCENES; or, a Peep into the Country, for good Children; illustrated by nearly One Hundred Cuts, with appropriate Descriptions in Prose and Verse. By the Authors of Original Poems. Price...
Page 259 - We have not room for extracts, or could convince our readers that the writers of these ' Rhymes' have better claims to the title of poets, than many who arrogate to themselves that high appellation.
Page 258 - STORIES by a MOTHER, for the use of her own Children. With Plates. Price 2s. FRANK and GEORGE; or the Prison Friends. Price Is. PATTY PRIMROSE; or, the Parsonage-House. By the Author of
Page 1 - Mr. Gardiner was a partner in one of the first mercantile houses in the city: his character for probity and honour in his commercial transactions, was not more established than were his manners for those of a gentleman in private society; and, as a domestic man, the welfare of his children was the first wish of his heart.
Page 260 - The FRIENDS; or, the Triumph of Innocence over false Charges. Price 2s. half bound. The HISTORY of LITTLE DAVY's NEW HAT. By Robert Bloomfeld. With Plates. Price Sť.

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