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Friez Instrument Division, Bendix Aviation Corporation, May 31, 1944.

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out for Recording Gradients of Temperature and Relative Humidity (Part I), Report JMRP-17, Instruments Branch, MO 4, May 1944.

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Sounding Equipment, K. E. Fitzsimmons, S. T. Stephen-
son, and Robert W. Bauchman, OEMsr-728, NDRC
Research Project PDRC-647, Report 7, Washington
State College, June 15, 1944.

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sphere Stratification by Means of Sound Echoes, Preliminary Trial, Case 37003, H. B. Coxhead and F. H. Willis, Report MM-44-160-143, BTL, June 21, 1944.

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Washington State College, July 10, 1944. CP-342-M3 235. Meteorological Equipment for Short Wave Propagation

Studies, Walter M. Elsasser, Report WPG-3, CUDWR

August 1944. 236. Wired Sonde Equipment for High Altitude Soundings,

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ments, Lloyd J. Anderson and S. T. Stephenson, Report AERO-1, NRSL, May 8, 1945.

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Equipment, Lloyd J. Anderson, S. T. Stephenson, and
A. P. D. Stokes, BuShips Problem X4-49CD, Report
WP-21, NRSL, July 3, 1945. (See reference 236.)

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No. 39, OSRD WA-2255-1R, Report SIS 39, MO, Feb. 11, 1944.

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for Radar Operations, Report 614, U. S. Army Air Forces, Weather Division, March 1944.

CP-410-M4 246. Tropospheric Weather Factors Likely to Affect Superre

fraction of VHF-SHF Radio Propagation as Applied to the Tropical West Pacific, E. Dillon Smith and R. D. Fletcher, Report RP-1, U. S. Department of Commerce, Weather Bureau, July 1, 1944.


247. Preliminary Instruction Manual of Weather Forecast

ing for Radar Operations in South West Pacific Area, D. F. Martyn and P. Squires, Report RP-220, CSIRRL, Sept. 4, 1944.

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H. G. Booker, JEIA 6061, Report JMRP-25, Report

T-1727 (M/85), TRE, Sept. 12, 1944. CP-423-M1 249. Notes on TRE Report T-1727, JMRP No. 25, Radio

Climatology in India and Vicinity, C. S. Durst, JEIA 10324, Report JMRP-27, MO, Nov. 7, 1944. (See reference 248.)

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CP-424-M3 251. American Continents Meteorological Counterparts of

Western Pacific and Indian Ocean Areas as Applied to
Tropospheric Radio Propagation, J. H. Brown, J. L.
Paulhus, and E. Dillon Smith, Report RP-2, U. S.

Weather Bureau, Nov. 15, 1944. 252. The Possibility of Investigating the Föhn Wind and Sea

Breeze Phenomena in N. Z. with a view to Elucidating
Certain Problems of Radio-Meteorological Forecasting in
Other Parts of the World, M. A. F. Barnett and F. E. S.
Alexander, JEIA 7469, Report RD-1/471, RDL-DSIR-
NZ, Dec. 1, 1944.

CP-421-M1 253. Determination of a Suitable Method of Forecasting Radar

Propagation Variations over Water, Tests Conducted by 26th Weather Region, Orlando, Florida, J. R. Gerhardt and William E. Gordon, Service Project 4252R000.77,

U. S. Army Air Forces, Mar. 10, 1945. CP-425-M1 254. A Qualitative Outline of the Radio Climatology of Aus

tralasia, H. G. Booker, JMRP-53, Report T-1820 (M/95), TRE, Apr. 19, 1945.

CP-421-M2 255. Determination of the Practicability of Forecasting Me

teorological Effects on Radar Propagation, Tests Conducted by AAF Tactical Center, Orlando, Florida, John R. Gerhardt and William E. Gordon, Service Project 3767B000.93, U. S. Army Air Forces, June 13, 1945.

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Hail, Sand and Duststorms at Centimeter Wavelengths,
J. W. Ryde, OSRD WA-81-25, Report 7831, GEC,
Oct. 13, 1941.

CP-511-M1 259. The Atmospheric Absorption of Microwaves (in Third

Conference Report of CP), J. H. Van Vleck, Report 175 (43-2), RL, Apr. 27, 1942. (See reference 10.)

Div. 14-121.1-M4 260. The Effect of Rain Upon the Propagation of 1-Cm Elec

tro-Magnetic Waves, Case 22098, S. D. Robertson, Re

port MM-42-160-87, BTL, Aug. 1, 1942. CP-511-M2 261. The Effect of Rain on the Propagation of Microwaves,

Case 22098, A. P. King and S. D. Robertson, Report
MM-42-160-93, BTL, Aug. 26, 1942. CP-511-M3

262. Comparison of Theoretical and Experimental Values for

the Attenuation of 1-Centimeter Waves in Rain, Case 22098, S. D. Robertson, Report MM-43-160-2, BTL, Jan. 5, 1943.

CP-511-M4 263. An Investigation on the Number and Size Distribution of

Water Particles in Nature, Josef Mazur, F/Lt. Polish Air Force, OSRD II-5-6306(S), Report MRP-109, Meteorological Research Committee, Great Britain, June 1943.

CP-511-M5 264. Report on the Absorption and Refraction of Electro-Mag

netic Waves by the Liquid Water, Water Vapour and Fog or Rain, N. F. Mott, OSRD II-5-4936, Reference 43/2881, CRB, Sept. 2, 1943.

CP-510-M2 265. Report on the Absorption of Electromagnetic Waves in the

Wavelength Range 1-100 Cm by Water in the Atmosphere,
N. F. Mott, OSRD II-5-4937, Reference 43/2882, CRB,
Sept. 2, 1943.

CP-510-M3 266. Verification of Mie Theory, Calculations and Measure

ments of Light Scattering by Dielectric Spherical Particles (Progress Report), Victor K. LaMer, OSRD 1857, OEMsr-148, Service Project CWS-1, Division 10, NDRC,

Columbia University, Sept. 29, 1943. CP-512-M1 267. The Absorption of Centimetric Radiation by Almospheric

Gases, J. M. Hough, ADRDE, USWP-WC, Apr. 27, 1944,

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MM-44-160-150, BTL, July 3, 1944. CP-511-M7 270. Preliminary Note on Secure Communications on Milli

metre Waves, OSRD WA-2868-3, JEIA 5597, Report

L/M40/WBL, TRE, Sept. 11, 1944. CP-510-M5 271. Rotational Line Width in the Absorption Spectrum of At

mospheric Water Vapor and Supplement, Arthur Adel, OEMsr-1361, NDRC Division 14 Report 320, University of Michigan, Oct. 10, 1944; Supplement Feb. 1, 1945.

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Waves in Oxygen, E. R. Beringer, OEMsr-262, Service Project AN-25, Division 14 Report 684, RL, Jan. 26, 1945.

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sorption of Microwaves, John H. Van Vleck, OEMsr-262, Service Project AN-25, Division 14 Report 664, RL, 1945.

CP-510-M8 276. Measurements of the Attenuation of K-Band Waves by

Rain, G. T. Rado, OEMsr-262, Service Project AN-25,
Division 14 Report 603, RL, Mar. 7, 1945.

CP-511-M10 277. Attenuation of Centimetre and Millimetre Waves by Rain,

Hail, Fogs, and Clouds (Draft), J. W. Ryde and D. Ryde,
OSRD WA-5181-10, Report 8670, GEC, May 18, 1945.


278. The Relation Between Absorption and the Frequency De

pendence of Refraction (Fourth Conference), John H. Van Vleck, OEMsr-262, Division 14 Report 735, RL, May 28, 1945. (See reference 12.)

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phere (Fourth Conference), Louis Goldstein, Report

WPG-11, CUDWR, May 1945. (See reference 12.) 280. C.V.D. Progress Report for May, 1945. The Absorption of

K-Band Radiation in Gaseous Ammonia (Part I), Progress

Report, CVD-CL, May 1945. 281. K-Band Attenuation Due to Rainfall, Lloyd J. Anderson,

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in the Range of Centimeter Waves, S. Roberts and Arthur R. von Hippel; Wave Guides with Dielectric Sections, L. J.

Chu, Report 102, MIT, March 1941. CP-521-M1 283. The Electrical Properties of Ice, T. A. Taylor and Willis

Jackson, OSRD W-126-42, Report AC-1516, RDF 110,
Com. 78, RDF, Dec. 22, 1941.

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the Propagation of Very Short Waves, A. C. Stickland, OSRD WA-175-7, Paper RRB/S-2, NPL-DSIR, May 11, 1942.

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R. von Hippel, OEMsr-191, Division 14 Report 121,
MIT, Laboratory for Insulation Research, January 1943.

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Cm., L. B. Turner, OSRD WA-649-1, Report M-496,
ASE, April 1943.

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Standing Waves in Coaxial Wave Guides, Arthur R. von Hippel, D. G. Jelatis, and W. B. Westphal, OEMsr191, Division 14, Report 142, MIT, Laboratory for Insulation Research, April 1943.

CP-521-M4 289. The Dielectric Constant and Absorption Coefficient of

Water Vapour for Wavelengths of 9 Cm and 3.2 Cm,
Frequencies 3,330 and 9,350 Mc/s., J. A. Saxton, Paper

RRB/S-11, NPL-DSIR, June 14, 1943. CP-522.12-M3 290. "Electrical Measurements on Soil with Alternating Cur

rents,” R. L. Smith-Rose, Journal of the Institution of Electrical Engineers (London), NPL, Vol. 75, August 1943, pp. 221-237.

CP-522.3-M1 291. Memorandum on an Electrical Method of Measuring the

Dielectric Constant of Atmospheric Air, and Recording it Continuously, OSRD WA-1464-7, Report JMRP-8, Report M/Memo-15/PEC, TRE, Jan. 6, 1944.

CP-522.2-M1 292. The Dielectric Constant and Absorption Coefficient of

Water Vapour for Radiation of Wavelength 1.6 Cm,
Frequency 18,800 Mc/s., J. A. Saxton, Paper RRB/S.17,

NPL-DSIR, Apr. 22, 1944. 293. The Dielectric Constant of Water and Ice at Centimetre

Wavelengths (Working Committee), J. M. Hough,
ADRDE, USWP-WC, Apr. 28, 1944. CP-522.1-M1

Mar. 1,

294. Preliminary Report on the Dielectric Properties of Water

in the K-Band, C. H. Collie, Report CL Misc. 25, CVD,

May 1944. 295. Recent Dielectric Constant and Loss Tangent Measure

ments on X-Band (Radome Bulletin No. 5), Elizabeth M. Everhart, OEMsr-262, Division 14 Report 483-5, RL, July 14, 1944.


Div. 14-234.5-M5 296. Dielectric Properties of Water and Ice at K-Band, E. L.

Younker, OEMsr-262, Service Project AN-25, Division

14 Report 644, RL, Dec. 4, 1944. CP-522.1-M2 297. The Interaction Between Electromagnetic Fields and Di

electric Materials, Arthur R. von Hippel and R. G. Breckenridge, OEMsr-191 Division 14 Report 122, MIT, Laboratory for Insulation Research, January, 1943.

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2 Cm to 10 Cm and over the Temperature Range 0° to 40° C, J. A. Saxton, OSRD WA-4340-5, Paper RRB/C-115, NPL-DSIR, Mar. 20, 1945.

CP-522.11-M2 299. The Dielectric Properties of Water in the Temperature

Range 0° C to 40° C for Wavelengths of 1.24 Cm and 1.58 Cm, J. A. Saxton and J. A. Lane, JEIA 9811, Paper

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Frequencies in the Temperature Range 0° to 40° C, J. A. Saxton, OSRD WA-4459-8, JEIA 9812, Paper RRB/C118, NPL-DSIR, Apr. 6, 1945.

CP-522.11-M3 301. Centimeter Wave Propagation over Sea Within the Op

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Report M-398, ASE, January 1942. CP-532.2-M1 302. Preliminary Report on the Reflection of 9-Cm Radiation

at the Surface of the Sea, H. Archer-Thomson, N. Brooke, T. Gold, and F. Hoyle, OSRD WA-1131-2, Report M-542, ASE, September 1943.

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face of the Ocean (Part II), S. O. Rice, Report MM-43210-6, BTL, Oct. 13, 1943.

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ious Types of Earth, E. M. Sherwood, Report 5220.129,

Sperry Gyroscope Company, Oct. 29, 1943. CP-532.1-M1 305. Sp al Report on the Determination of the Coefficient of

Reflection of Radio Waves at the Ground by Means of Radar Observations, W. Sterling Ament, Report RA3A-212A, NRL, Nov. 10, 1943.

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efficients of Land and Sea at Small Grazing Angles, Pearl J. Rubenstein and William T. Fishback, Division 14 Report 478, RL, Dec. 11, 1943.

CP-532-M1 308. Further Measurements of 3- and 10-Cm Reflection Co

efficients of Sea Water at Small Grazing Angles, William T. Fishback and Pearl J. Rubenstein, OEMsr-262, Di

vision 14 Report 568, RL, May 17, 1944. CP-532.2-M4 309. Microwave Propagation Studies, The Reflection of Sound

Signals in the Atmosphere, Case 37003, File 36691-1,

F. H. Willis, Report MM-44-160-156, BTL, July 3

1944. 310. Interim Report on Experiments on Ground Reflection at

a Wavelength of 9 Cm, L. H. Ford, JEIA 4899, Paper

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(Radome Bulletin No. 7), Raymond M. Redheffer, OEMsr-262, Division 14 Report RL-483-7, RL, Nov. 20, 1944.

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Case 20564, W. M. Sharpless, Report MM-44-160-250,
BTL, Dec. 15, 1944.

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OSRD WA-3438-5, Report TR492, BRL, December 1942.

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CP-532.2-M5 316. Reflection from an Inversion, L. E. Beglian and F. J.

Northover, OSRD WA-4494-14, JEIA 9997, Report

AC-8210, USW-140, USW, May 24, 1945. CP-531-M5 317. Notes on the Comparison of Vertical and Horizontal Po

larization in Ground Wave Propagation, G. Millington, OSRD WA-1463-5, Report TR/442, BRL, January 1940.

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CP-540-M2 319. The Investigation of Horizontally and Vertically Polar

ized Direction Finding on Frequencies of the Order of 20 to 70 Megacycles per Second, T. L. Eckersley, OSRD Il-5-5284, Report TR-451, BRL, September 1942.

CP-540-M3 320. Polarization Effects and Aerial System Geometry at Cen

timeter Wavelengths, E. C. S. Megaw, H. Archer-Thomson, and E. M. Hickin, Report 8101, GEC, Nov. 26,

1942. 321. Change of Polarization as a Means of Gap Filling, Richard

A. Hutner, Francis Parker, Bernard Howard, and Jocelyn Gill, Division 14 Report C-7, RL, Dec. 28, 1942.

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C. Loring, Tentative Technical Report T-1, CESL,
Oct. 22, 1943.

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Mandeville and E. L. Hudspeth, Division 14 Report 458, RL, Nov. 1, 1943.

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W. M. Fairbank, and J. D. Fairbank, OEMsr-262,

Division 14 Report 536, RL, Mar. 14, 1944. CP-540-M7 325. Screening by Hills, H. G. Booker, OSRD WA-1105-3C,

Report T-1015, TRE, May 1941. CP-231.222-M1 326. Diffraction Round a Sphere or Cylinder, G. Millington, OSRD II-5-5703, Report TR-433, BRL, March 1942.


327. Centimeter Wave Transmission Measurements from an Ur

ban Site, H. Archer-Thomson, E. M. Hickin, and E. C. S.

Megaw, Report 8034, GEC, July 28, 1942. 328. Report on an Investigation of the Propagation of Centimeter

Waves over Ridges and Through Trees, R. L. Smith-Rose,
OSRD WA-772-19, Report AC-4345, Com. 181, NPL,
June 2, 1943.

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Trees, Case 22098, S. D. Robertson, Report MM-43-160129, BTL, Aug. 13, 1943.

CP-231.221-M1 330. Report on Further Experiments on the Propagation of

Centimeter Waves Through Trees in Leaf and over Level
Ground, OSRD WA-1337-3, Report AC-5059, Com. 197,
NPL, Sept. 6, 1943.

CP-231.221-M2 331. Centimeter Ware Propagation, Notes on the Effect of Ob

struction by a Single Tree, R. E. Jennings, E.C.S. Megaw, H. Archer-Thomson, and E. M. Hickin, OSRD WA1356-6, Report M-565, ASE, October 1943.

CP-231.221-M3 332. An Experimental Investigation on the Propagation of

Radio Waves over Bare Ridges in the Wavelength Range 10
Centimetres to 10 Metres, Frequencies 30 to 3000 Mc/s,
J. S. McPetrie and L. H. Ford, OSRD WA-1463-17,
Paper RRB/S-12, NPL-DSIR, Oct. 1, 1943.

CP-231.222-M2 333. Some Observed Effects of Trees upon Microwave Propaga

tion, Case 37003, File 36691-1, A. C. Peterson, Report MM-43-160-150, Sept. 17, 1943, Revised Oct. 15, 1943.

CP-231.221-M4 334. Effect of Hills and Trees as Obstructions to Radio Propaga

tion, Delmer C. Ports, OSRD 3070, OEMsr-1010, Jansky and Bailey, November 1943.

CP-231.22-M2 335. Report on Some Further Experiments on the Effect of Ob

stacles on the Propagation of Centimetre Waves, L. H. Ford,
A. C. Grace, and J. A. Lane, JEIA 3157, Report AC-5876,
NPL-RD, USW, Jan. 20, 1944.
Addendum, R. L. Smith-Rose, OSRD WA-3822-12, Re-

port AC-5876a, NPL, Jan. 1, 1945. CP-231.223-M1 336. The Propagation of Ultra Short Waves Round Hills and

Other Obstacles, T. L. Eckersley, OSRD WA-2884-3,
JEIA 5674, Report TR479, BRL, May 1944.

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Horner, JEIA 7793, Paper RRB/C-110, DSIR, Jan. 1,

1945. 338. Some Experiments on the Propagation over Land of Radi

ation of 9.2-Cm Wavelength, L. H. Ford, OSRD WA4297-8, Paper RRB/C-113, NPL-DSIR, Feb. 15, 1945.

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Effects with Centimetric Radar Equipment, J. S. Hey, F. Jackson, and S. J. Parsons, OSRD WA-5062-2, Report 274, AORG, June 28, 1945.

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342. Diffraction at Coast Line, Further Numerical Examples,

H. G. Booker, OSRD WA-92-5d, Report M-35, TRE,
Feb. 5, 1942.

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CP-233-M5 344. Propagation of Wireless Waves over Ground of Varying

Earth Constants (Part Land and Part Sea), G. Millington,
OSRD II-5-5277, Report TR440, BRL-Marconi, Ltd.,
July 1942.

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of RDF Stations), H. G. Booker, OSRD WA-986-6b, Report 6, TRE, Jan. 27, 1944.

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OEMsr-1207, Report WPG-10, CUDWR, May 1945. (See reference 12.)

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1942. 350. Elementary Survey of Scattering and Echoing by Elevated

Targets, H. G. Booker, Report M/48/HGB, TRE,

December 1942. 351. The Resolution of Composite Echoes with Centimeter Wave

R.D.F., J. R. Benson, J. A. Ramsay, and P. B. Blow, OSRD WA-1789-2, Report 4070/C/104, CAEE, Feb. 10, 1943.

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ric Form, Lloyd J. Anderson, John B. Smyth, and F. R. Abbott, BuShips Problem X4-49CD, Report WP-3, NRSL, Feb. 24, 1943.

CP-612.4-M1 354. Radar Echoes from Periscopes, John E. Freehafer, Divi

sion 14 Report 42-1, RL, Mar. 1, 1943. CP-622.1-M1 355. Radar Echoes from Atmospheric Phenomena, Arthur E. Bent, Division 14 Report 42-2, RL, Mar. 13, 1943.

CP-621.1-M1 356. Echoes Produced by Perfectly Conducting Objects of Certain

Simple Shapes in Free Space, R. E. B. Makinson OSRD
II-5-5691, Report RP-173, CSIR, Mar. 25, 1943.

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cal), R. D. O'Neil, F. S. Holt, and Prescott D. Crout, Division 14 Report 43-31, RL, May 14, 1943.

CP-611.1-M1 360. The Application of Corner Reflectors to Radar (Experi

mental), R. D. O'Neil, Division 14 Report 55-4, RL, July 1, 1943.


361. Measurement of the Effective Echoing Areas of Various

Aircraft, Ross Bateman, Report ORG-P-8-1, OCSO, July 2, 1943.

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Aug. 1, 1944.


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