Financial Accounting: Masters Edition

Front Cover
Cengage South-Western, 2002 - 336 pages
Developed to give readers a thorough understanding of business analysis, using financial statements, FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING allows one to see how financial statements are developed and their use by business managers.

About the author (2002)

Rick Antle, Associate Dean of the Yale School of Management, received his Ph. D from Stanford University. Professor Antle is an expert on many facets of accounting. His academic research has been on such diverse topics as auditor independence, the reporting of business income, the use of information in capital budgeting decisions, the compensation of corporate executives, the incentives of auditors and the structure of CPA firms. He has served as a consultant in matters involving auditor independence, compensation, the proper application of accounting methods, auditing standards and capital budgeting. Professor Stan Garstka is the Deputy Dean at the Yale School of Management. He is an expert in the bankruptcy process and has written on ways to reform it. His interests also include the restructuring of troubled companies and contemporary issues in accounting. Professor Garstka's current research studies the practice of active investing (MBOs, LBOs, IPOs, etc.), how that practice is informed by modern financial theory, and where institutional constraints cause current theories to be impractical. Professor Garstka received his Ph.D. from Carnegie Mellon University.

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