Journal of the New England Water Works Association, Volume 16

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New England Water Works Association., 1902 - Water-supply
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Page 336 - These variations apply only to special castings made from standard patterns. The flanges on all manhole castings and manhole covers shall be faced true and smooth, and drilled to receive bolts of the sizes given in the tables. The manufacturer shall furnish and deliver all bolts for bolting on the manhole covers, the bolts to be of the sizes shown on plans and made of the best quality of mild steel, with hexagonal heads and nuts and sound, well-fitting threads. MARKING. SECTION 6. Every pipe and...
Page 363 - When the coating has become hard, the straight pipes shall be subjected to a proof by hydrostatic pressure and, if required by the engineer, they shall also be subjected to a hammer test under this pressure.
Page 362 - The pipes and special castings shall be smooth, free from scales, lumps, blisters, sand holes and defects of every nature which unfit them for the use for which they are intended.
Page 336 - For pipes whose standard thickness is less than 1 inch the thickness of metal in the body of the pipe shall not be more than .08 of an inch less than the standard thickness, and for pipes whose standard thickness is 1 inch or more, the variation shall not exceed...
Page 3 - The Officers of the Association shall assume their duties immediately after the close of the meeting at which they are elected ; they shall hold meetings at the call of the President, or, in his absence, at the call of the Vice-Presidents, in their order, and make arrangements for carrying out the objects of the Association.
Page 361 - ... for the several sizes shall be paid for. The total weight to be paid for shall not exceed for each size and class of pipe received, the sum of the standard weights of the same number of pieces of the given size and class by more than 2 per cent. No special casting shall be accepted the weight of which shall be less than the standard weight by more than 10 per cent, for pipes...
Page 340 - ... weighed after their delivery, and the weights so ascertained shall be used in the final settlement, provided such weighing is done by a legalized weighmaster. Bids shall be submitted and a final settlement made up on the basis of a ton of 2000 Ib.
Page 370 - Specimen bars of the metal used, each being 26 inches long by 2 inches wide and 1 inch thick, shall be made without charge as often as the engineer may direct, and, in default of definite instructions, the contractor shall make and test at least one bar from each heat or run of metal.
Page 337 - When cast especially to order, each pipe and special casting larger than 4-inch may also have cast upon it figures showing the year in which it was cast and a number signifying the order in point of time in which it was cast, the figures denoting the year being above and the number below, thus...
Page 94 - Pipes 18 inches or more in diameter shall be cast with the hub end down. The pipes shall not be stripped or taken from the pit while showing color of heat, but shall be left in the flasks for...

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