The practical companion to the work table, containing selections for knitting, netting and crochet work

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Page 96 - ... as in common netting ; the next stitch to be worked, is a very small loop, appearing like a loose knot on the side of the twisted stitch ; it is the loose part of the second loop that was twisted through the first. Always bear in mind to begin every alternate twisted row with a plain stitch, in order to give it a proper position.
Page 42 - ... stitches, bring the silk forward, knit a stitch, (this is the centre stitch of the pattern,) bring the silk forward, knit...
Page 34 - B, P3, do. do. Repeat in this way, increasing every third row, till you have nineteen open stitches for each side of the thumb ; lift all the plain stitches on to a piece of thread, and continue to work the centre of Mitten, still with fawn, eighteen rows of mitten stitch and twenty rows of blue ; cast off that part.
Page 72 - Cast on any number of stitches that can be divided by six.
Page 43 - ... in the last pattern, which makes that the centre stitch for the bead. It is easy to count the number of rounds on the right side.
Page 73 - ... over them ; knit one ; bring the wool forward, knit one : bring the wool forward. Sixth row — pearl knitting. Seventh row — slip one ; knit two together, bring the slip stitch over them ; bring the wool forward, knit three ; bring the wool forward.
Page 43 - Cast on thirty-seven stitches with six-thread fleecy wool, work a straight piece about half a yard long, sew or knit...
Page 42 - ... to knit a bead, bringing it through the stitch, knit a plain round, keeping...
Page 12 - ... stitches on the needle, then take up the stitches at each end of the hood ; before you...
Page 29 - Cast on one hundred and thirty stitches; knit two needles of each shade, from dark to light, and from light to dark...

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