History of California: 1801-1824

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Page 524 - It has hitherto been the fate of these regions, like that of modest merit, or humble virtue, to remain unnoticed; but posterity will do them justice; towns and cities will hereafter flourish where all is now desert. The waters, over which scarcely a solitary boat is seen to glide, will reflect the flags of all nations, and a happy, prosperous people, receiving with thankfulness, what prodigal Nature bestows for their use, will disperse her treasures over every part of the world.
Page 602 - N. w. be very likely to notice such events, I suppose that nothing of the kind occurred. As a mere conjecture, however, it may be that after the church was completed, or nearly so, in 1818, it was damaged by an earthquake, and not fully repaired until...
Page 73 - Concepción to church, confessed her, and urged her to refuse me, but her resoluteness finally overcame them all. The holy fathers appealed to the decision of the throne of Rome, and if I could not accomplish my nuptials, I had at least the preliminary act performed, the marriage contract drawn up, and forced them to betroth ua.
Page 9 - Padre Fermin — as he was everywhere known — to a remarkable degree for his time and environment based his hopes of future reward on purity of life, kindness, and courtesy to all, and a zealous performance of duty as a man, a Christian, and a Franciscan.
Page 73 - Seeing that my situation was not improving, expecting every day that some misunderstanding would arise, and having but little confidence in my own people, I resolved to change my politeness for a serious tone. Finally I imperceptibly created in her an impatience to hear something serious from me on the subject, which caused me to ask for her hand, to which she consented.
Page 548 - My prison was a cell eight or ten feet square, with walls and floor of stone. A door with iron bars an inch square crossed over each other, like the bars of window sashes, and it grated on its iron hinges, as it opened to receive me. Over the external front of this prison was inscribed in capital letters Destination de la Cattivo.
Page 164 - Shaler, the only other foreign visitor who records his observations on the subject, offers no unfavorable criticism except to say that their reputation for medical knowledge was not deserved. Both were pleased with the readiness of the friars to trade, and there is no reason to doubt from all the evidence extant that they were always ready for barter, notwithstanding the fact that it was forbidden by the guardian, as well as by the laws. Shaler says: " The missions of California may be considered...
Page 155 - Guerra in a letter to Arrillaga gave his idea of the settlers at Branciforte. They were not so bad as other convicts sent to California; still, to take a charitable view of the matter, their absence "for a couple of centuries at a distance of a million leagues...
Page 257 - Two vessels have been laden with supplies, and will take away the products of the country, thus aiding the pueblo you say you have to feed. And those settlers, let them go to work, as God and the king require; let them develop the rich resources of their province and talk less, and thus will they live comfortably, and also be an aid rather than a burden to the government in such trying times as these.
Page 488 - If the mission system is that best suited to draw savages from barbarism, it can do no more than establish the first principles of society and cannot lead men to its highest perfection. Nothing is better to accomplish this than to bind individuals to society by the powerful bond of property. The government believes, therefore, that the distribution of lands to the converted Indians, lending them from the mission fund the means for cultivation, and the establishment of foreign colonies, which perhaps...

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