Threatened social disorganisation of France. Louis Blanc on the working classes [a transl. of Organisation du travail, pt. 1] with corrected notes, and a refutation of his destructive plan by J. Ward

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Page 136 - the same laws, and participating in the same advantages. Each member of the Social Atelier will have the right of laying out his salary as he pleases; but the evident economy and indisputable excellence of living in common will not be long in begetting, out of an association of labour, a voluntary association of wants and enjoyments.
Page 176 - formula," to each according to his capacity; to each capacity according to its works.
Page 59 - being a town of a medium magnitude between the great seats of industry and commerce, such as Lyons, Paris, Marseilles, Bordeaux, and the towns of the third class, and the habits of the workmen being better there perhaps than anywhere else, we do not think that we can select a better example than it presents,
Page 61 - to be closed. Push open the door and advance, if the fetid atmosphere does not make you recoil; but take care, for the uneven floor is neither paved nor tiled, or the tiles are covered with such a thickness of filth that you cannot see them. There are two or three bedsteads mended with pack-thread, which scarcely holds them together; and the frames are worm-eaten and
Page 15 - that universal equality which would consist in all sharing alike in the wealth and income of the country. But had the legislators themselves ever contemplated the consummation of such a regime, they would certainly have provided for the interrupted
Page 20 - the country. Instead of contributing anything from its savings to the extension of commerce, the facilities of trade, or the progress of manufactures, it has required an annual subsidy from the other branches of the community of not less than ten millions sterling, for which the soil has no more to show than the sandy desert of Sahara has of last year's showers
Page 79 - Sanctioned by custom, these left-handed marriages are to be found with a certain
Page 16 - and the final stability of the work, by securing property against mortgage. From this, however, they abstained; and France, under the operation of
Page 32 - to elevate the lower orders by destroying the aristocracy—without which it was as impossible for a middle class to grow up under
Page 16 - egal des heritages during little more than half a century, has been split into thirteen million titles, encumbered with mortgages amounting to

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