Advanced Shotokan Kata Manual

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Frank Nezhadpournia, Jul 21, 2009 - Karate - 200 pages
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Second Edition! This is a comprehensive guide for every student to develop understanding of Advanced Kata (for Brown belt & above). It intends to supplement Dojo training and increase skill by preparing students for grading exams! It covers such topics as: Bassai Dai; Bassai Sho; Kanku Dai; Kanku Sho; Jion; Jitte; Jiin; Hangetsu; Gangkaku; Empi; Sochin; Wankan; Chinte; Unsu; Tekki Shodan, Tekki Nidan and Tekki Sandan. Frank dispenses with the usual Bunkai (applications) and teaches a modern style of Traditional Shotokan Karate for the new breed of Karate practitioner! An insight is given into the true meaning of these Kata - revealed through 30 years of training across 3 continents! This manual is for the serious student/Instructor! It includes: History of Kata; Mental Preparation; and, Concept Kata Training. This second edition contains additional historical stories and new images. Photos have been added to some of the Bunkai forms, to increase learning.

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