History of England from the Accession of James I. to the Outbreak of the Civil War, 1603-1642, Volume 3

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Page 2 - Let judges also remember, that Solomon's throne was supported by lions on both sides: let them be lions, but yet lions under the throne : being circumspect, that they do not check or oppose any points of sovereignty.
Page 251 - Church; and as for our good people's lawful recreation, our pleasure likewise is, that after the end of divine service our good people be not disturbed, letted, or discouraged from any lawful recreation, such as dancing, either men or women; archery for men, leaping, vaulting, or any other such harmless recreation, nor from having of May-games, Whitsun-ales, and Morris-dances, and the setting up of Maypoles and other sports therewith used, so as the same be had in due and convenient time, without...
Page 74 - Audley was asked the value of this new office, he replied, that " It might be worth some thousands of pounds to him who after his death would instantly go to heaven ; twice as much to him who would go to purgatory ; and nobody knows what to him who would adventure to go to hell.
Page 120 - For I know, a few gentlemen excepted, what a scum of men you have. And I would not, for all the world, receive a blow from the Spaniards to the dishonour of our Nation.
Page 393 - England's high Chancellor, the destined heir In his soft cradle to his father's chair ; Whose even thread the fates spin round and full Out of their choicest and their whitest wool.
Page 98 - You may be sure that I love the Earl of Buckingham more than anyone else, and more than you who are here assembled. I wish to speak in my own behalf and not to have it thought to be a defect, for Jesus Christ did the same, and therefore I cannot be blamed. Christ had his John, and I have my George.
Page 226 - He proposed to the parliament, which was then assembled, that they should enact, that "whatever his majesty should determine in the external government of the church, with the consent of the archbishops, bishops, and a competent number of the ministry, should have the force of law...
Page 390 - Aye, his Majesty replied, but what think you of his head-piece ? Is he a proper man for the office of an ambassador.
Page 151 - And now I entreat, that you all will join with me in prayer to that great God of heaven whom I have grievously offended, being a man full of all vanity, who has lived a sinful life in such callings as have been most inducing to it ; for I have been a soldier, a sailor, and a courtier, which are courses of wickedness and vice; that his almighty goodness will forgive me ; that he will cast away my sins from me ; and that he will receive me into everlasting life: so I take my leave of you all, making...

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