The Spanish campaign in Morocco

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Page 327 - They are as superior to all School Atlases within our knowledge, as were the larger works of the same Author in advance of those that preceded them.
Page 326 - Plates, Maps and Plans of all the important Countries and Localities referred to by Classical Authors, constructed from the best materials, and embodying the results of the most recent investigations, accompanii'd by a complete Index of Places, in which the proper quantities of the Syllables are marked by T.
Page 325 - An excellent and comprehensive compendium of French history, quite above the standard of a, school-book, and particularly well adapted for the libraries of literary lusatutioua/
Page 327 - The plan of these Atlases is admirable, and the excellence of the plan is rivalled by the beauty of the execution. . . . The best security for the accuracy and substantial value of a School Atlas is to have it from the hands of a man like our Author, who has perfected his skill by the execution of much larger works, and gained a character which he will be careful not to jeopardise by attaching his name to anything that is crude, slovenly, or superficial."— Scotsman.
Page 326 - In this Atlas of Physical Geography the subject is treated in a more simple and elementary manner than in the previous works of the Author — the object being to convey broad and general ideas on the form and structure of our Planet, and the principal phenomena affecting its outer crust.
Page 326 - PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHY, illustrating, in a Series of Original Designs, the Elementary Facts of Geology, Hydrology, Meteorology, and Natural History.
Page 325 - ' Mr White comes to the assistance of those who would know something of the history of the Eighteen Christian Centuries ; and those who want to know still more than he gives them, will find that he has perfected a plan which catches the attention, and fixes the distinctive feature of each century in the memory."— Weskyan Times. History of France, from the Earliest Period to the Tear 1848. By the Rev. JAMES WHITE, Author of the "Eighteen Christian Centuries.
Page 326 - GENERAL AND DESCRIPTIVE GEOGRAPHY, exhibiting the Actual and Comparative Extent of all the Countries in the World, with their present Political Divisions. A New and Enlarged Edition.
Page 324 - ELEMENTARY ARITHMETIC. By EDWARD SANG, FRSE This Treatise is intended to supply the great desideratum of an intellectual instead of a routine course of instruction in Arithmetic. Post 8vo, 5s. THE HIGHER ARITHMETIC. By the same Author. Being a Sequel to 'Elementary Arithmetic.
Page 329 - The extent to which this little Catechism has been circulated at home, its translation into nearly every European language, and its introduction into the Schools of Germany, Holland, Flanders, Italy, Sweden, Poland, and South and North America, while it has been gratifying to the Author, has caused him to take additional pains in improving and adding to the amount of useful information, in the present edition.

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