The Thousand and One Nights: Commonly Called in England, The Arabian Nights' Entertainments : a New Translation from the Arabic, with Copious Notes, Volume 1

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Routledge, Warne, and Routledge, 1865 - Arabs
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Page 72 - I shall enrich him for ever: — but the hundred years passed over me, and no one liberated me : and I entered upon another hundred years; and I said, Whosoever shall liberate me, I will open to him the treasures of the earth...
Page 74 - Yea, without fail ! Yea, without fail ! " The Afrite then, addressing him with a soft voice and humble manner, said, "What dost thou intend to do with me, O fisherman ? " — He answered, " I will throw thee into the sea, and if thou hast been there a thousand and eight hundred years, I will make thee to remain there until the hour of judgment.
Page 219 - Mohammed, rest in the crops of green birds, which eat of the fruits and drink of the rivers of paradise ; and the third of other believers, concerning the state of whose souls before the resurrection there are various opinions.
Page 74 - Efreet, and said, Choose in what manner of death thou wilt die. I will assuredly throw thee here into the sea, and build me a house on this spot ; and whosoever shall come here, I will prevent his fishing in this place, and will say to him, Here is an...
Page 551 - Thus they continued about a quarter of an hour; and then, for about the same space of time, they repeated the same words to the same air, but in a quicker measure, and with correspondingly quicker motions. In the meantime, the munshids frequently sang, to the same, or a variation of the same, air, portions of a kaseedeh, or of a muwcshshah ; an ode of a similar nature to the Song of Solomon, generally alluding to the Prophet as the object of love and praise.
Page 439 - And there is no strength nor power but in God, the High, the Great. O God, 0 our Lord, O Thou liberal of pardon, O Thou most bountiful of the most bountiful. O God. Amen.
Page 496 - ... when she saw me, she laughed, and said, How is it that thou hast remained awake, and that sleep hath not overcome thee? Now that thou hast passed the night sleepless I am convinced that thou art a lover; for among the characteristics of lovers is the watching by night in the resolute endurance of desire.
Page 220 - His dress baffled all description: the ground of his robes was white ; but he was so covered with jewels of an extraordinary size, and their splendour, from his being seated where the rays of the sun played upon them, was so dazzling, that it was impossible to distinguish the minute parts which combined to give such amazing brilliancy to his whole figure.
Page 218 - ... attained their predestined term in that same night and in the same city, and the souls of the thousands who were doomed to employ him elsewhere. Daybreak arrived before his sufferings terminated ; and his neighbours, coming according to their promise, entered his chamber, and found him still in bed ; but observing that he was covered up, and motionless as a corpse, they doubted whether he were still alive, and called to him. He answered, with a faint voice, " I am not yet dead : but the Angel...
Page 446 - I testify that there is no deity but God, and I testify that Suleyman is the Prophet of God.

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