A Handbook of Inorganic Chemistry: Being a New and Greatly Enlarged Edition of the "Outlines of Inorganic Chemistry;" for the Use of Students

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Walton and Maberly, 1853 - Chemistry, Inorganic - 291 pages
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Page 293 - The Science and Art of Surgery ; being a Treatise on Surgical Injuries, Diseases, and Operations. By JOHN ERIC ERICHSEN, Senior Surgeon to University College Hospital, and Holme Professor of Clinical Surgery in University College, London.
Page 15 - The equivalent of a compound body is the sum of the equivalents of its elements : thus the equivalent of...
Page 298 - Familiar Letters on the Physics of the Earth. By H. BUFF, Professor of Physics in the University of Giessen. Edited by Dr. AW HOFMANN, Professor in the Royal College of Chemistry, London.
Page 262 - This is strikingly shown in an alloy called the " fusible metal," which is composed of 8 parts of bismuth, 5 of lead, and 3 of tin, and melts at 203 F.
Page 204 - Cls = 133-81. This compound is prepared by passing chlorine gas over a mixture of alumina and charcoal, heated to redness in a tube. The chloride sublimes into the cold part of the apparatus. It forms a volatile crystalline mass, colourless or slightly yellow. It fumes in the air, and dissolves in water with much heat. It...
Page 303 - The profession is much indebted to Dr. Ballard for this unpretending little volume, which, we feel certain, if carefully studied, will accomplish its object of removing many of the difficulties at present surrounding the diagnosis of abdominal diseases.
Page 296 - The authors have succeeded in producing a work well adapted for students. The copious references made, both to elementary works and to original papers, are most valuable ; more especially as this species of research is of great importance to students, and is apt to be neglected by the authors of manuals.
Page 256 - Au = 199-2. This metal is found native, either pure, or alloyed with silver and tellurium. When combined with silver, it is purified by quartation ; that is, by fusing it with so much silver, that the gold does not exceed one-fourth of the mass, and then acting on the alloy by nitric acid, which dissolves the silver, and leaves the gold as a black or brown powder, which, when fused, assumes the peculiar yellow colour of gold. Gold is distinguished by its pure yellow colour, high metallic lustre,...
Page 303 - ... general principles of chemistry, such as chemical combination and decomposition, chemical equivalents, the atomic theory, etc., an account is given of the properties and mode of preparing individual substances in the order generally followed in systematic treatises. ORGANIC CHEMISTRY opens with a dissertation on the theory of compound radicals, the theory of organic types, .and doctrine of substitution, and on the metamorphosis of organic compounds by various agents : after which follows an account...

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