Chapters in the history of a life, by January Searle

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Page 133 - I never hurt fair maid in all my time, Nor at my end shall it be ; But give me my bent bow in my hand, And a broad arrow I'll let flee ; And where this arrow is taken up, There shall my grave digg'd be.
Page 1 - The Works of Robert Burns, with an Account of his Life, and a Criticism on his Writings ; to which are prefixed, some Observations on the Character and Condition of the Scottish Peasantry.
Page 4 - Liberia, Madeira, Sierra Leone, And | Other Places Of Interest On The West | Coast Of Africa. | By An Officer Of The US Navy.
Page 2 - Old Wine in New Bottles: or, Spare Hours of a Student in Paris (New York 1848), p.
Page 196 - Marian, Light as a fawn, and beautiful as night, When streams her starry hair along the heavens, Rests like a lily, in the wild wood laid, Amongst the moss and violets. Allan Dale, The gentle harper, who was crossed in love, Lies silent as the rest, his grave unknown ; And Little John, the master's favourite man, Stiff in his giant bones at Hathersedge, Sleeps on till doom, amongst the Derby hills.
Page 197 - O'ergrown with fringed ferns and mosses dank . The tall dark pines in solemn threnody Wail o'er his tomb — as o'er a wood-god dead, And not a sound disturbs the deep repose, Which like a slumbering spirit broods around. Alas, poor Robin ! thou art dead and gone ! And We, who slept within the fiery womb Of night and darkness, waiting to be born When thou went down to silence in the grave. Are here at last, to die and sink like thee Again into the chambers of the dark. So rise and vanish all the...
Page 196 - Lics gentle Robin Hood ; his mighty heart All muffled up in dust, and his bright eyes Quenched in eternal darkness. Never more Shall the woods echo to his bugle horn, Or his unerring arrow strike the deer Swift flying, till it bites the bloody grass. Clean gone for ever all his merry band, Who erst in gaberdines of green and gold Waylaid rich abbots in the Watlyne-street, And broke their staves upon the Sheriff's men...
Page 195 - Bilhagh, lone and desolate,—I know.) And standing there, beside his mouldering bones— The dews of Sherwood I that morn had brushed From the dark ling, scarce dry upon my feet— I seemed to bring the forest to his manes, With all its wailing memories and trees. Who now will come with me, and pay once more Sad homage at the brave old hero's grave ? I know the spot which yonder pinetrees hide Under their sunless gloom; and we will go Down to the Porter's...
Page 213 - BLIND ALICE ; or, Do Right, if you wish to be Happy. JESSIE GRAHAM; or, Friends dear, but Truth dearer. FLORENCE ARNOTT ; or. Is she Generous ? GRACE AND CLARA; or, Be Just as well as Generous. THE COUSINS AT WOODVILLE : or. Disobedience Punished. LEONORE PERCY; or, The Deserted Daughter.
Page 87 - And thou must pass through many trying states ; Through fires baptismal ere thou come to bliss; Through gloomy realms, inhabited by fates, And lurid darkness, where the tempter is. And doubt and agony thy soul shall tear, In the great shadow of the vale of death ; And thou shalt dwell in dungeons of despair, Till hopo unlock the bars, and give thy spirit breath.

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