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Honestly, I don’t know why I’m even writing this. As someone born after 1980, I’m scarcely qualified to breathe on my own. This, at least, is the case according to Mark Bauerlein, author of “The ... Read full review

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Has some excellent background, grounded in research, in the front half of the book. Particularly interesting is the change in reading habits of teens through college students and the implications on education. Read full review

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User Review  - topperarnold - LibraryThing

Sure, the title is sensationalist. Sensationalism sells. I'm sure some the stats were tweaked a little to fit the author's needs, but that doesn't hide the fact that kids do indeed spend too much time ... Read full review

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Bauerlein pulls together some compelling statistics and makes some interesting observations. Anti-intellectualism in American society is a very real crisis, and he does a good but incomplete job in ... Read full review

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Sure not to be a popular thesis in a world that rushes to enhance the self-esteem of American youth, the author points out that the current generation is not actually smarter than previous generations ... Read full review

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The optimist in me sure didn't want to believe many of the clas in this book, but the realist in me did. Unfortunately for my children it provided me with reasons to continue limiting screen time and being an old fogey. Read full review

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Despite its regrettable title, this book delivers, not only a clear definition of the problems of the igeneration, but also an insightful approach to mending the digital age's neuroses and harnessing its greatest contributions. Read full review

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I am so tired of sensationalist, chicken little, sky is falling books like this. According to the author,Mark Bauerlein, the internet is making young people ignorant about just about anything, and ... Read full review

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i was born in 1986. i'm young but the funny thing is i'm reading a book about how people from my generation don't use the resources i have correctly. it clearly states that. and i'm reading his book on google books, because its fast and convenient. Every generation has problems, the problem with ours is mostly augmented reality. Many can't tell what is real and what isn't real. including me.
Although it is easy to dismiss this book as the rantings of an old liberal grandpa, i must agree with one of my friends that this generation will produce more miracles in technology that may keep you alive, old man. we know how to learn how to do anything by finding it on google. people older than us really don't know how to do that.

LibraryThing Review

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A lot of statistics, not enough analysis of them. Read like a research report. Not as thought-provoking as I'd hoped. Read full review

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