Memoir of the Life and Public Services of Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles, F.R.S., &c. &c., Particularly in the Government of Java, 1811-1816, Bencoolen and Its Dependencies, 1817-1824: With Details of the Commerce and Resources of the Eastern Archipelago, and Selections from His Correspondence, Volume 1

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Page 192 - Thanks for that lesson — it will teach To after-warriors more Than high Philosophy can preach, And vainly preach'd before. That spell upon the minds of men Breaks never to unite again, That led them to adore Those Pagod things of sabre sway, With fronts of brass, and feet of clay.
Page 345 - There is nothing more striking; in the Malayan forests than the grandeur of the vegetation. The magnitude of the flowers, creepers, and trees contrasts strangely with the stunted, and, I had almost said, pigmy vegetation of England. Compared with our fruit-trees, your largest oak is a mere dwarf. Here we have creepers and vines entwining larger trees, and hanging suspended for more than a hundred feet, in girth not less than a man's body, and many...
Page 283 - Sang'ir appeared like a body of liquid fire, extending itself in every direction. The fire and columns of flame continued to rage with unabated fury, until the darkness, caused by the quantity of falling matter, obscured it at about 8 PM Stones at this time fell very thick at Sang'ir, some of them as large as two fists, but generally not larger than walnuts.
Page 121 - Weltervreede, supported by two brigades of infantry, that marched before break of day through the city, and followed his route. The cantonment was abandoned ; but the enemy were in force a little beyond it, and about two miles in advance of their works at Cornelis.
Page 376 - I depart from honour's laws ; To assail a wearied man were shame, And stranger is a holy name; Guidance and rest, and food and fire, In vain he never must require. Then rest thee here till dawn of day; Myself will guide thee on the way. O'er stock and stone, through watch and ward, Till past Clan-Alpine's outmost guard, As far as Coilantogle's ford ; From thence thy warrant is thy sword.
Page 345 - Compared with our forest-trees, your largest oak is a mere/ dwarf. Here we have creepers and vines entwining larger trees, and hanging suspended for more than a hundred feet, — in girth not less than a man's body, and many much thicker. The trees seldom under a hundred, and generally approaching a hundred and sixty to two hundred feet in height.
Page 136 - It would be endless to notice the difficulties and obstacles which occurred in the establishment of a pure and upright administration. Not only was the whole system, previously pursued by the Dutch, to be subverted, but an entire new one substituted, as pure and liberal as the old one was vicious and contracted ; and this was to be accomplished and carried into effect by the very persons who had so long fattened on the vices of the former policy.
Page 116 - Yes," said he, "Java is an interesting island. I shall be happy to receive any information you can give me concerning it." This was enough to encourage me, and from this moment all my views, all my plans and all my mind were devoted to create such an interest regarding Java as should lead to its annexation to our Eastern Empire...
Page 125 - ... carried in a most masterly manner, putting to flight a body of the enemy's / cavalry that formed and attempted to defend it. A sharp fire of...
Page 130 - Empire, which for two centuries has contributed greatly to the power, prosperity, and grandeur of one of the principal and most respected States of Europe, has been thus wrested from the short usurpation of the French Government, added to the dominion of the British Crown ; and converted from a seat of hostile machination and commercial competition, into an augmentation of British power and prosperity.

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