The Apostolic Fathers, Volume 2

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G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1917 - Apostolic Fathers
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Page 49 - From Faith proceeds Abstinence; from Abstinence, Simplicity; from Simplicity, Innocence; from Innocence, Modesty; from Modesty, Discipline and Charity. Therefore the works of these are holy, and chaste, and right. 91 Whoever therefore shall serve these, and hold fast to their works, he shall have his dwelling in the tower with the saints of God.
Page 181 - There are also pleasures that bring salvation unto men. For many, when they do what is good, find pleasure in it, and are attracted by the delights of it.
Page 319 - ... he scraped his shin ; and without turning round, as though he had suffered nothing, he walked on promptly and quickly, and was taken to the arena, while the uproar in the arena was so great that no one could even be heard. IX 1. Now when Polycarp entered into the arena there came a voice from heaven : " Be strong, Polycarp, and play the man.
Page 323 - Polycarp has confessed that he is a Christian." '2. When this had been said by the herald, all the multitude of heathen and Jews living in Smyrna The anger cried out with uncontrollable wrath and a loud shout : " This is the teacher of Asia, the father of the Christians, the destroyer of our Gods, who teaches many neither to offer sacrifice nor to worship." And when they said this, they cried out and asked Philip the Asiarch to let loose a lion on Polycarp. But he said he could not legally do this,...
Page 45 - God; nor does the thought of repentance ever come into their hearts, on account of their devotion to their lusts and to the crimes which they committed. Do you wish to know who are the others which fell near the waters, but could not be rolled into them? These are they who have heard the word, and wish to be baptized in the name of the Lord; but when the chastity demanded by the truth comes into their recollection, they draw back, (5) and again walk after their own wicked desires.
Page 275 - As concerning the eighth mountain in which were a great many springs, by which every kind of all the creatures of God was watered; they are such as have believed the Apostles which the Lord sent into...
Page 321 - If you vainly suppose that I will swear by the genius of Caesar, as you say, and pretend that you are ignorant who I am, listen plainly: I am a Christian. And if you wish to learn the doctrine of Christianity fix a day and listen.
Page 83 - I have heard, sir . . . from some teachers that there is no second repentance beyond the one given when we went down into the water and received remission of our former sins.
Page 233 - A. 234 was quarried, and splendid square stones were found, but some were also round. And all the stones that were found in that plain were brought and carried through the door by the maidens. 8. And the square stones were hewn and put into the place of those which had been taken out, but the round stones were not put into the building, because they were hard to hew, and it took a long time ; but they were put beside the tower, as if they were going to be hewn and put into the building ; for they...
Page 37 - God may be glorified, it has been, and shall be revealed unto thee, for the sake of those who are doubtful, and think in their hearts whether these things are so or not. 50 Tell them that all these things are true, and that there is nothing in them that is not true; but all are firm and truly established.

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