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In this true, straightforwardly (so to speak) delivered tale, two male chinstrap penguins at New York City's Central Park Zoo bond, build a nest and—thanks to a helping hand from an observant ... Read full review

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PARENTS!!!!!! Go to the teacher and library and make sure your children are not allowed to read this filth about two supposedly gay penguins being normal. It is very bad to try to indoctrinate and sexually confuse children into the gay lifestyle with a book. While hard working poor and middleclass familes are at their jobs all day, public schools are placing a book about becoming gay in the hands of children. The story is absolutely not true, check out the news! In real life, when the female penguin returned, the male penguins broke apart and the male went back to his female mate. This book of course is written by two gay men. 

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This is filth. I would stay miles away from this book. What a terrible eveil thing to teach children. Run!! These penguins need pray and help.

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This picture book tells the story of two penguins that live in the New York City Zoo. The two male penguins find an abandoned egg and decide to take start a family and take care of it. They take turns sitting on the egg until it hatches. Although this is geared toward primary students, it can be used in upper elementary grades to discuss family structure as well as sexual orientation.  

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This is a story about two male penguins, both of which have never taken a female mate, and who are "together." When an egg is abandoned by another penguin, they care for the hatchling like actually penguin parents would. This is a great book to introduce the topic of homosexuality to the classroom. 

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This book is based on a true story about a two male penguins, Roy and Silo, living in New York City's Central Park Zoo who end up hatching and raising an orphaned female penguin as their own daughter.

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