The Physiology of New York Boarding-houses

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Mason Brothers, 1857 - American wit and humor - 300 pages
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Page 20 - Well, we must take things as they are, and make the best of them. So Frank and I walked on through the pleasant fields in the darkening twilight, and I for one enjoyed...
Page 34 - As already intimated, the meals are of indifferently-good quality. We have known the beef of tougher consistency and more veiny construction than was desirable, and the potatoes to exhibit as many eyes as Argus; but on the whole, the diet was endurable. Our chief objection applies all most universally to the cuieine of Boarding-Houses. The meals were uniformly served up " neither cold, nor hot
Page 20 - ... believe, do succeed in getting up a timid sort of interest in them— but, apart from this, anticipate a reasonable amount of comfort in your new quarters, and, for a short time, are not disappointed. Mrs. B. is anxious to please and be pleased, her husband, a good-humored, every-day-kind-of-man, and yon popular with both. But, presently, certain disadvantages incidental to your position begin to disclose themselves. Being treated " exactly as one of the family...
Page 14 - Times, nn advertisement specifying his particular requirements, or consults those addressed to humanity in general through the medium of their columns — perhaps adopts both measures. In the former case, the next morning puts him in...
Page 14 - confident that an arrangement can be made/ if he will favor her with a visit. After laying aside as ineligible as many letters as there are Smiths in a New York Directory, he devotes a morning to the purposes of inspection and selection. " He becomes acquainted with strange localities and bellhandles. He scrutinizes informatory scraps of paper wafered up beside doorways. He endures tedious...
Page 52 - The like stoical indifference, amounting almost to sublimity, to what ordinary mortals affect to consider the decencies of daily life, exhibited itself in other particulars. In bed-making, one sheet only was changed at a time, and many of the blankets had large gaps in what ought to have been their centers — admirably adapting them to summer use.
Page 48 - She has a generally un-tied, stringy, downat-hecl-and-go-to-bed-with-her-clothes-on aspect. No good man could look at her without a wish to put her under a pump.
Page 16 - ... snores or turnings in bed. He will observe that lavatory arrangements are mostly of an imperfect description, generally comprising a frail and rickety washing-stand — which has apparently existed for ages in a Niagara of soap-suds, a ewer and basin of limited capacity, and a cottony, web-like towel, about as well calculated for its purpose as a similar sized sheet of blotting-paper would be.
Page 28 - Incontinently he did so. The Boarder in a Private Family usually quits it on general grounds of discontent and incompatibility of temper. He has, in fact, been so much 'one of the family,' that he has lost claim to his own individuality.
Page 58 - It is politic, as well as good-natured, to comply, as yon will thereby secure a savory dish or so, as well as the good-will of your landlady. Sooth to say, what with her landlord's regular yearly demand for higher rent and the increasing price of food, she has a hard time of it.

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