The Open Polar Sea: A Narrative of a Voyage of Discovery Towards the North Pole, in the Schooner "United States"

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S. Low, Son, and Marston, 1867 - Arctic regions - 407 pages
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Page 276 - pleasures are like poppies spread ; You seize the flower—its bloom is shed; Or like the snow-fall in the river— A moment white, then melts for ever; Or like the borealis race, That flits ere you can point the
Page 46 - Ancient Mariner ":— " The ice was here, The ice was there, The ice was all around ; It creaked and growled. And roared and howled Like demons in a
Page 23 - air stirring. The sun hangs close upon the northern horizon; the fog has broken up into light clouds; the icebergs lie thick about us; the dark headlands stand boldly out against the sky; and the clouds and sea and bergs and mountains are bathed in an atmosphere of crimson and gold and purple most singularly
Page 127 - There is a multitude of facts which would seem to necessitate the belief that the substance of glaciers enjoys a kind of ductility, which permits it to mould itself to the locality which it occupies, to grow thin, to swell and to narrow itself like a soft paste.
Page 25 - valleys separating the high icy hills of their upper surface. From other bergs large pieces were now and then detached,—plunging down into the water with deafening noise, while the slow moving swell of the ocean resounded through their broken archways. I had been watching this scene for hours, lost in reverie and forgetfulness, when I was brought
Page 78 - schooner, and it appeared as if her destiny was sealed. She groaned like a conscious thing in pain, and writhed and twisted as if to escape her adversary, trembling in every timber from truck to kelson. Her sides seemed to be giving way. Her deck timbers were bowed up, and the
Page 313 - above the level of the sea. The view which I had from this elevation furnished a solution of the cause of my progress being arrested on the previous day. The ice was everywhere in the same condition as in the mouth of the bay, across which I had endeavoured to pass. A broad crack, starting from the middle of
Page 319 - Strait to America, it hugs the American shore, fills the narrow channels which drain the Polar waters into Baffin Bay through the Parry Archipelago, crosses thence to Greenland, from Greenland to Spitzbergen, and from Spitzbergen to Nova Zembla,— thus investing the Pole in an uninterrupted land-clinging belt of ice, more or less broken
Page 392 - these are The palaces of Nature, whose vast walls Have pinnacled in clouds their snowy
Page 279 - to imagine any kind of labour more disheartening, or which would sooner sap the energies of both men and animals. The strength gave way gradually; and when, as often happened, after a long and hard day's work, we could look back from an eminence and almost fire a rifle-ball into our last snow-hut, it was truly discouraging.

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