Madison, Dane County and Surrounding Towns: Being a History and Guide to Places of Scenic Beauty and Historical Note ... Early Intercourse of the Settlers with the Indians ... with a Complete List of County Supervisors and Officers, and Legislative Members

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W. J. Park & Company, 1877 - Dane County (Wis.) - 664 pages

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Page 471 - Are not Abana and Pharpar, rivers of Damascus, better than all the waters of Israel? may I not wash in them, and be clean?
Page 570 - It is the moon, I ken her horn, That's blinkin' in the lift sae hie ; She shines sae bright to wyle us hame, But, by my sooth, she'll wait a wee ! We are na fou, &c.
Page 123 - Yet has sae mony takin' arts Wi' great and sma', Frae God's ain priests the people's hearts He steals awa'. An' whan we chasten'd htm therefore, Thou kens how he bred sic a splore, As set the warld in a roar O' laughin
Page 200 - The first one that we came to, was about ten miles in circumference, and the water as clear as crystal. The earth sloped back in a gradual rise ; the bottom of the lake appeared to be entirely covered with white pebbles, and no appearance of its being the least swampy.
Page 200 - The second one that we came to, appeared to be mucn larger. It must have been twenty miles in circumference. The ground rose very high all around; — and the heaviest kind of timber grew close to the water's edge. If those lakes were anywhere else, except in the country they are, they would be considered among the wonders of the world. But the country they are situated in is not fit for any civilized nation of people to inhabit. It appears that the Almighty intended it for the children of the forest.
Page 651 - Fund shall be committed to three trustees to be elected at this meeting ; one to hold office for three years, one for two years, and one for one year, and that hereafter one trustee shall be elected at each annual meeting of the Association, to hold office for three years.
Page 329 - The principal productions of the town for several years have been wheat, corn and oats ; but during the last few years more attention has been given to stock raising, and a more general plan of farming has been adopted. The soil compares favorably with the soil of any town in Dane county.
Page 199 - Four-lake country, as it appeared to him, July 20, 1832 : " Here it may not be uninteresting to the reader to give a small outline of those lakes. From a description of the country, a person would very naturally suppose that those lakes were as little pleasing to the eye of the traveller as the country is. But not so. I think they are the most beautiful bodies of water I ever saw. The first one that we came to [Monona] was about ten miles in circumference, and the water as clear as chrystal.
Page 115 - Dan started for Portage, where he met his brother HW " I've come up to study law with you, by thunder." HW replied sharply, "You have? You are a darned fool; you'd better stick to printing. You'll cut a hog in two studying law? But if you are bound to stick to law, you can see what you can do turning those eighty acres of mine into city lots, and selling them.
Page 488 - The only large ruin in the entire San Juan Valley stands upon a low bench at the edge of the alluvial bottom a few miles below Bloomfield. This is called locally " Solomon's Ruin " after the name of the owner of the land on which it is situated.1 It is built largely of dressed stone, the walls in some places resting upon a foundation of small boulders. It was several stories in height, and contained many rooms, but is now so largely fallen and covered with sand and earth that the plan can be only...

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