A Treatise of Human Nature - Volumes I and II

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Rough Draft Printing, 2009 - Philosophy - 460 pages
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An Unabridged, Digitally Enhanced Edition Of Both Volumes I And II, And Books I Through III, With An Updated Typeface And Layout, Including, But Not Limited To: BOOK I: Of The Understanding - Of Ideas, Their Origin, Composition, Connexion, Abstraction, Etc. - Of The Origin Of Our Ideas - Division Of The Subject - Of The Ideas Of The Memory And Imagination - Of The Connection Or Association Of Ideas - Of Relations - Of Modes And Substances - Of Abstract Ideas - Of The Ideas Of Space And Time - Of The Infinite Divisibility Of Our Ideas Of Space And Time - Of The Infinite Divisibility Of Space And Time - Of The Other Qualities Of Our Idea Of Space And Time - Objections Answered - The Same Subject Continued - Of The Idea Of Existence, And Of External Existence - Of Knowledge And Probability - Of Knowledge - Of Probability, And Of The Idea Of Cause And Effect - Why A Cause Is Always Necessary - Of The Component Parts Of Our Reasonings Concerning Cause And Effect - Of The Impressions Of The Senses And Memory - Of The Inference From The Impression To The Idea - Of The Nature Of The Idea Or Belief - Of The Causes Of Belief - Of The Effects Of Other Relations And Other Habits - Of The Influence Of Belief - Of The Probability Of Chances - Of The Probability Of Causes - Of Unphilosophical Probability - Of The Idea Of Necessary Connection - Rules By Which To Judge Of Causes And Effects - Of The Reason Of Animals - Of The Skeptical And Other Systems Of Philosophy - Of Skepticism With Regard To Reason - Of Skepticism With Regard To The Senses - Of The Ancient Philosophy - Of The Modern Philosophy - Of The Immateriality Of The Soul - Of Personal Identity - BOOK II: Of The Passions - Of Pride And Humility - Division Of The Subject - Of Pride And Humility, Their Objects And Causes - Whence These Objects And Causes Are Derived - Of The Relations Of Impressions And Ideas - Of The Influence Of These Relations On Pride And Humility - Limitations Of This System - Of Vice And Virtue - Of Beauty And Deformity - Of External Advantages And Disadvantages - Of Property And Riches - Of The Love Of Fame - Of The Pride And Humility Of Animals - Of Love And Hatred - Of The Object And Causes Of Love And Hatred - Experiments To Confirm This System - Difficulties Solved - Of The Love Of Relations - Of Our Esteem For The Rich And Powerful - Of Benevolence And Anger - Of Compassion - Of Malice And Envy - Of The Mixture Of Benevolence And Anger With Compassion And Malice - Of Respect And Contempt - Of The Amorous Passion, Or Love Betwixt The Sexes - Of The Love And Hatred Of Animals - Of The Will And Direct Passions - Of Liberty And Necessity - The Same Subject Continued - Of The Influencing Motives Of The Will - Of The Causes Of The Violent Passions - Of The Effects Of Custom - Of The Influence Of The Imagination On The Passions - Of Contiguity And Distance In Space And Time - The Same Subject Continued - Of The Direct Passions - Of Curiosity, Or The Love Of Truth - BOOK III: Of Morals - Of Virtue And Vice In General - Moral Distinctions Not Derived From Reason - Moral Distinctions Derived From A Moral Sense - Of Justice And Injustice - Justice, Whether A Natural Or Artificial Virtue? - Of The Origin Of Justice And Property - Of The Rules Which Determine Property - Of The Transference Of Property By Consent - Of The Obligation Of Promises - Some Farther Reflections Concerning Justice And Injustice - Of The Origin Of Government - Of The Source Of Allegiance - Of The Measures Of Allegiance - Of The Objects Of Allegiance - Of The Laws Of Nations - Of Chastity And Modesty - Of The Other Virtues And Vices - Of The Origin Of The Natural Virtues And Vices - Of Greatness Of Mind - Of Goodness And Benevolence - Of Natural Abilities - Some Farther Reflections Concerning The Natural Virtues - Appendix To The Treatise Of Human Nature

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About the author (2009)

David Hume is a Lecturer in Human Resource Management, The Scottish Agricultural College, UK.

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