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A story of great discovery and invention by some of the brightest computer science minds and the corporate ineptness that almost prevented it. This the birthplace of Ethernet, Laser Printing, GUI based Operating Systems, Green Screen Technology, Personal Computing, Networked workplaces, the first worm, and many other great things. It's all here folks! By far one of the most accurate and entertaining reads of early computing and the technologies that changed the way we as a culture communicate on a global scale. It's a shame to realize Xerox PARC is not a household name considering almost everything they ever created changed the way we do business and communicate with each other. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants a better understanding of the history of computing, before Apple, Microsoft, Oracle or anyone other than DEC and IBM.  

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This History of Xerox PARC will go down as one of the Classics in the History of Science & Technology. The level of detail is astounding. As a Special Projects Manager for a Simulation & Training System for the Xerox 9700 in 1982, I am finally able to glimpse the Corporate EcoSystem in the full paralyzing panorama of the time. Amen. 

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This is the - by far - on of the best books I have ever read about computer history. Let me say that I am no programmer and that I do not have any advanced (if none at all) technical knowledge on pc technology.
This is a book that manages to perfectly recreate the atmosphere at the PARK lab, be it good at some times or bad at others. Anyone who is even slightly interested to find out how the whole PC industry started to evolve and how the PC ended up with features like the screen, the mouse, the ethernet card, the laser printer, will be completely drawn into the story.
One of the best book I have read in my life.

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