The Electrician and Electrical Engineer, Volume 3

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Electrical Publishing Company, 1884 - Electric engineering
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Page 65 - An Act to aid in the Construction of Telegraph Lines, and to secure to the Government the use of the same for postal, military and other purposes...
Page 116 - ... the application of an old process or machine to a similar or analogous subject, with no change in the manner of application, and no result substantially distinct in its nature, will not sustain a patent, even if the new form of result has not before been contemplated.
Page 195 - The applicant shall make oath that he does verily believe himself to be the original and first inventor or discoverer of the art, machine, manufacture, composition, or improvement for which he solicits a patent...
Page 97 - ... improvement thereof not known or used by others in this country and not patented or described in any printed publication in this or any foreign country, before his invention or discovery thereof, and not in public use or on sale for more than two years prior to his application, unless the same is proved to have been abandoned, may, upon payment of the fees required by law, and other due proceedings had, obtain a patent therefor.
Page 231 - ... thereto ; that certainly more than fifty, and probably not less than one hundred, persons, or even more, were cognizant of said Drawbaugh's invention and use of said telephones, and of his claim to be the original and first inventor thereof prior to the alleged inventions of said Bell, or either of them ; that said Drawbaugh, for more than ten years prior to the year 1880, was miserably poor, in debt, with a large and helpless family dependent...
Page 251 - Magneto-electric and Dynamoelectric Machines: their Construction and Practical Application to Electric Lighting, and the Transmission of Power. Translated from the third German edition by NS Keith and Percy Neymann, Ph.D. With very large additions and notes relating to American Machines, by NS Keith. Vol.
Page 195 - Provided, however, that whenever it shall satisfactorily appear that the patentee, at the time of making his application for the patent, believed himself to be the first inventor or discoverer of the thing patented, the same shall not be held to be void on account of the invention or discovery or. any part thereof having been before known or used in any foreign country, it not appearing that the same or any substantial part thereof had before been patented or described in any printed publication.
Page 183 - Two facts are manifest : 1st, that the Hayes clamp was the clamp of the Brush patent : and, 2d, that it became, after September 16th, a disused piece of mechanism in connection with carbon points. The question then is — Was it a perfected and publicly known invention, the use of which was abandoned prior to the date of the Brush invention, or was its use merely experimental, which ended in an abandoned experiment on September 16th?
Page 47 - ... or patented or described in any printed publication in any country before his invention or discovery thereof, or more than two years prior to this application, or in public use or on sale...
Page 2 - My present invention consists in the employment of a vibratory or undulatory current of electricity in contradistinction to a merely intermittent or pulsatory current, and of a method of and apparatus for producing electrical undulations upon the line wire.

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