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Page 349 - ... a little consideration shows that this is not the case. The under-estimate of the frequency of cancer is not uniform at all sites, and the sites where the under-estimate is greatest (internal organs) are not characterised by a corresponding over-estimate as the result of wrong diagnosis of cancer. These considerations show that the errors in the one group cannot be set off against the opposite errors in the other group, in such a way that the final totals should represent the absolute incidence...
Page 347 - ... of deaths recorded from cancer, its apparent greater frequency in some geographical areas (whether large or small) than others, the presumable importance of race, diet, soil, climate, are all problems of much less importance than the infective or non-infective nature of cancer ; but we must not lose sight of the fact that it is in all probability as much without the province of statistics to supply the direct answer to the question, What is the cause of cancer ? as it was for statistics to directly...
Page 350 - I cannot refrain from pointing out that the number of deaths assigned to cancer increases from one country to another in a manner parallel with the increasing accuracy of the vital statistics of the several countries.
Page 346 - In attempting to distinguish some apparent differences, and to emphasise others which appear to me to be real, I shall have to crave your indulgence. It will be necessary to discuss many topics not obviously associated, and to endeavour to unravel a mass of detailed observations. Within the short space at my disposal, I shall require to be as dogmatic as possible, in order to bring out the differences which seem to be of real importance at the present time. At the outset, therefore, I wish to guard...
Page 368 - Persona of each Sex under 25 Years, at Five Age-Periods. Average for 1901. England and Wales. cancer of the skin, cancer of the uterus and mamma are more frequent towards the decline of reproductive activity than in the earlier years of life ; and, to take an extreme case, cancer of the chorion follows closely upon the period when this tissue, having fulfilled its transitory function, begins to undergo involution.1 1 For this reason ordinary chorion-epithelioma occurs fairly uniformly throughout...
Page 349 - S. Ill, vol. iv, 1868. felt. A comparison of the percentage relationship of the distribution of malignant new growths (on the basis of the figures already quoted) at ages below 25, which were not diagnosed, and of those growths which had been wrongly diagnosed as cancer, brings out the fact that a much higher proportion of cases of malignant new growth cannot be recognised clinically in youthful patients. When the cases are grouped under ten instead of under twenty-five years, a still greater discrepancy...
Page 219 - ... becomes engorged and unable to empty itself. Backward pressure spreads to the jugular, and thence to the cerebral veins ; a condition which aggravates pressure already produced by the intracerebral clot. The condition can only be rationally treated by temporarily aiding the right heart and removing the intravenous cerebral pressure by tapping a vein. The condition which warrants venesection is manifested by a full, tense pulse, a labouring heart, with failure and acute distension of the right...
Page 313 - ... stimulation of the vagus. Among these causes are wind, pollen of plants, various dusts and odors, digestive disturbance, constipation, affections of the nose and nasopharynx, and foreign bodies in various orifices. Cases have been cured by removal of some nasal obstruction, such as hypertrophied turbinals, deflected septum, polypus, and adenoids. On the other hand, nasal obstructions and adenoids are very common apart from asthmatic attacks, and true asthma sometimes follows the removal of a...
Page 264 - Member of the Court of Examiners of the Royal College of Surgeons, England. Volume 1, "General and Operative Surgery.
Page 151 - JMH MACLEOD, MA, MD, MRCP Assistant Physician for Diseases of the Skin, Charing Cross Hospital; Physician to the Skin Department, Victoria Hospital for Children ; Lecturer on Skin Diseases, London School of Tropical Medicine.

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