The Kemble Papers, Volume 16

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Society, 1884 - New York (N.Y.)
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Page 530 - This Article is inadmissible in any Extremity : sooner than this Army will consent to Ground their Arms in their Encampment, they will rush on the Enemy determined to take no Quarter.
Page 531 - Gates will of course take the necessary measures for the due performance of this Article. Should any carriages be wanted during the March for the Transportation of Officers' Baggage, they are if possible to be supplied by the Country at the usual Rates.
Page 531 - Gates's orders, at the same rate of rations as the troops of his own army ; and if possible the officers' horses and cattle are to be supplied with forage at the usual rates.
Page 530 - Burgoyne, to march out of their camp with the honors of war, and the artillery of the intrenchments, to the verge of the river where the old fort stood, where the arms and artillery are to be left ; the arms to be piled by word of command from their own officers. " 2. A free passage to be granted to the army under LieutenantGeneral Burgoyne to Great Britain, on condition of not serving again in North America during the present contest...
Page 532 - Canadian establishment, consisting of sailors, bateau-men, artificers, drivers, independent companies, and many other followers of the army, who come under no particular description, are to be permitted to return there : they are to be conducted immediately, by the shortest route, to the first British post on Lake George ; are to be supplied with provisions in the same manner as the other troops, and to be bound by the same condition of not serving during the present contest in North America.
Page 368 - The Commander in Chief has been pleased to make the following Promotions : 5th.
Page 562 - A General Court Martial, consisting of three Field Officers and Ten Captains, from the British, to assemble at the City Tavern to-morrow morning at Ten, for the Trial of such Prisoners as shall be brought before them. Lieut. -Col. Meadows, President. Capt. Adye, Deputy Judge Advocate, to whom the Dates of the Officers' Commissions, &c., are to be sent this Evening.
Page 559 - Monday morning, at 10 o'clock, on board of this ship, for the trial of such prisoners as shall be brought before them. Major SANDS, President.
Page 391 - Oct., 1776. The Out Posts of the Army will report every morning to the Adjutant General, for the Information of the Commander in Chief, every Movement they can perceive of the Enemy, or any other Extraordinaries they may think worth his Notice. Two hundred Men to be taken from the Recruits lately arrived from England, and attached to the Artillery till further Orders. The Men of Rogers's Corps to join as soon as relieved. HEAD QUARTERS, Pelham Manor, 2ist.
Page 567 - Lieutenants from the Provincial Corps, to assemble to-morrow morning at 10 for the Trial of such Prisoners as shall be brought before them.