The University Geological Survey of Kansas, Volume 3

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The Survey, 1898 - Coal - 347 pages
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Page 339 - ... mining is done by machinery. Whenever the workmen are under contract to load coal by the bushel, ton, or any quantity the settlement of which is had by weight, the output shall be weighed in accordance with the provisions of this act.
Page 327 - Inspector of bituminous coal mines shall devote the whole of his time to the duties of his office.
Page 338 - It shall be unlawful for any mine owner, lessee, or operator of coal mines in this State, where ten or more' men are employed underground, employing miners at bushel or ton rates, or other quantity, to pass the output of coal mined by said miners over any screen or any...
Page 330 - For any injury to person or property occasioned by any violation of this act, or any willful failure to comply with its provisions, a right of action shall accrue to the party injured for any direct damages he or she may have sustained thereby, before any court of competent jurisdiction.
Page 339 - ... be punished by a fine of not less than two hundred dollars nor more than five hundred dollars, or by imprisonment in the county jail for a period not to exceed sixty days, or by both such fine and imprisonment.
Page 328 - ... whereupon they shall at once proceed to the mine where the danger exists and examine into the matter, and if, after full investigation thereof, they shall be agreed in the opinion that there is immediate danger, they shall apply in the name of the commonwealth to the court of common pleas...
Page 338 - The weighman employed at any mine shall subscribe an oath or affirmation before a justice of the peace, or other officer authorized to administer oaths, to do justice between employer and employe, and weigh the out-put of coal from the mines as herein provided.
Page 325 - In order to better secure the proper ventilation of every coal mine and promote the health and safety of persons employed therein, the operator or agent shall employ a competent and practical inside overseer, to be called
Page 327 - ... said map or plan as hereby required, or if the inspector shall find or have reason to believe that any map or plan of any coal mine...
Page 324 - ... are attached to the sides of the drum of every machine that is used for lowering and hoisting persons in and out of the mine, and also that adequate brakes are attached...

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