Oxberry's dramatic biography and histrionic anecdotes [ed. by C.E. Oxberry].

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Page 109 - Oh, sweet's the cup that circles then To those we've left behind us. And when, in other climes, we meet Some isle or vale enchanting, Where all looks...
Page 217 - WHEN cold in the earth lies the friend thou hast loved, Be his faults and his follies forgot by thee then ; Or, if from their slumber the veil be removed, Weep o'er them in silence, and close it again.
Page 142 - Caelestis, surrounded with his Angels ; on the second appeared the Holy Saints, and glorified men ; and the last and lowest was occupied by mere men who had not yet passed from this transitory life to the regions of eternity. On one side of this lowest platform was the...
Page 125 - At Crawley's Booth, over against the Crown Tavern in Smithfield, during the time of Bartholomew Fair, will be presented a little Opera, called the Old Creation of the World, yet newly revived; with the addition of Noah's flood.
Page 142 - On one side of this lowest platform was the resemblance of a dark pitchy cavern from whence issued appearance of fire and flames; and when it was necessary, the audience were treated with hideous yellings and noises as imitative of the howlings and cries of the wretched souls tormented by the relentless demons.
Page 140 - Warton, that they were thought to contribute so much to the information and instruction of the people, that one of the Popes granted a pardon of one thousand days to every person who resorted peaceably to the plays performed in the Whitsun-week at Chester, beginning with the " Creation," and ending with the
Page 125 - ... all the fowls of the air seen in a prospect sitting upon trees; likewise over the ark is seen the Sun rising in a most glorious manner: moreover, a multitude of Angels will be seen in a double rank, which presents a double prospect, one for the sun, the other for a palace, where will be seen six Angels ringing of bells. — Likewise Machines descend from above, double and treble, with Dives rising out of Hell, and Lazarus seen in Abraham's bosom, besides several figures dancing jiggs, sarabands,...
Page 262 - In Hart-street, the flames communicated to the houses on the opposite side of the street from the theatre, and four of them caught fire at the same moment ; but, by the great activity of the people and firemen, they suffered little more damage than a. severe scorching. Great apprehensions...
Page 125 - Noah and his family coming out of the ark, with all the beasts two by two, and all the fowls of the air seen in a prospect sitting upon trees; likewise over the ark is seen the sun rising in a...
Page 248 - What though unfeeling of the nervous line, Who but allows his attitude is fine ? While a whole minute equipois'd he stands, Till Praise dismiss him with her echoing hands!

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