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Reviewed by Anne B. for Readers Favorite
James Patterson and Nail Mahon teamed up to pen "Toys". Could this be a look at humanity's future? Mankind did a lousy job in taking care of the earth so
that they created super enhanced beings to clean up the mess. The Elite formed a plan to annihilate all humans. The humans have only one chance to stop the Elite: Hays Baker. Baker, an agent for the Agency of Change, lived the life of the Elite. They have superhuman abilities and brainpower. He and his wife Lizbeth had two beautiful children and were looked up to by all of the Elite until it was discovered that Hays was born a human. Now the Elite are determined to destroy Hays. The odds are in favor of the Elite.
"Toys" is a great thriller. The action begins at the beginning of the book and never ends. I wonder if there is a sequel in the future. I loved this story but I did question the title. I expected the toys to play a larger part in the story line. Yes the Elite used the toys to destroy the Skunks but I still expected more. It was easy to dislike all of the Elite (Termites). They were cruel and evil. The humans aka Skunks would stop at nothing to regain power. I admit I’m hooked on high adrenaline tales. They are my favorite and they can have flaws and I still love them. I think young adults will love this book. I could also envision a movie with this plot. There were a lot of opportunities in this story to expand the characters but somehow the authors missed that opportunity. The voice of the reader was fabulous and added much to the story. I know I sound critical of "Toys". I do think it could have been improved but it kept me listening to the very last word.

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A great change of pace for James. I flipped through pages! Endless action and a scifi world that my not be impossible to see happing

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Very interesting and unique plot. This type of story was all the rage back in the golden age of science fiction and is certainly not something I would expect out of Mr. Patterson, however I found it very enjoyable and downright entertaining. This is the perfect book for a long plane ride.

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