A History of the New York Stage from the First Performance in 1732 to 1901, Volume 2

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Page 308 - Tender as woman ; manliness and meekness In him were so allied That they who judged him by his strength or weakness Saw but a single side.
Page 146 - ... penetrating, and distinct. So entirely was she mistress of herself, so collected and so determined in her gestures, tone and manner, that she seldom erred, like other actors, because she doubted her own powers of comprehension: she studied her author attentively; she was sparing in action ; though her acting was the result of the most refined and assiduous attention, no studied trick or start could be predicted ; none of those arts in which the actress...
Page 22 - its burnished dome resembled a half-disclosed balloon, as large as a cathedral but light, brilliant and seemingly ready to burst its bands and soar aloft.
Page 17 - A New Way to Pay Old Debts," and the principal character in "The Iron Chest.
Page 257 - Boston as Sir Giles Overreach in " A New Way to Pay Old Debts," and on May 4, he presented Richard III.
Page 137 - ... Twenty-eight weeks — one five act play, five three act dramas and a Burlesque. This piece is called "The Colleen Bawn," and is Irish to the backbone. It is the first time I have taken a subject from my native country, and quickly as the work has been executed, I am not the less satisfied with it. 'Twill be found to be, I think the best constructed of any of my works. Whatever demerits it may have, it is my happiest effort in that particular. The public must determine the rest.
Page 137 - Madame, — Here is another drama — my last for this season. It was written in five days, and the labor has rather overtaxed me, as this makes the seventh I have written within the space of twenty-eight weeks — one five act play, five three act dramas, and a burlesque. This piece is called " The Colleen Bawn," and is Irish to the backbone.
Page 169 - Theatre," stated a card in the various newspapers on December 18, "respectfully informs his friends and the public, that in consequence of the unfortunate state of the times — which has prevented the managers of what are termed the legitimate theatres " Consisting of musical and choreographic solos and ensembles and a new farce Married and Buried.
Page 128 - A ship of immense size, fully rigged, with a crew of forty persons, commanded by a naval officer, will effect her passage through floating islands of ice, which, on separating, will show an expanse of ocean covering the whole stage. She will sail down to the footlights with her bowsprit over the pit, producing as novel and powerful an effect as can be exhibited on the stage.
Page 305 - I asked him if he recalled having written in his autobiography of a similar incident occurring to the elder Booth during a performance of Sir Giles Overreach, in "A New Way to Pay Old Debts." He recalled it perfectly, and added that it was a feather and not a rose that Booth had picked up. I wondered if he had thought of the Booth incident when he had stooped for the rose. He declared he had, and asked of what use was intelligence if we did not take advantage of the teachings of our predecessors.

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