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Finally! someone is taking a stab at this million dollar can we live in tranquility with all living things and adapt to how they sequester their needs from it.
As a native american
I was wondering about some of the same things...actually it didn't come to me until I had spent quite a long time in the natural world (field studies in the natural resource environment), and not until I got older, I started putting it all together, and wondered....can all of our current problems, be tied to how we are continuing to do the wrong thing, in our world/environment?
I read stories about our ancestors that were housed in Special Collections at Libraries, that detailed how life was, before the coming of the "Western Civilization", life back then seemed so much more relaxed, there was not that much drama, and simple daily activities was cause for praise to our creator.
Just reading the first chapter makes you think.....Great Book. *****Dennis Longknife Jr..Wetland Specialist

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