As It Was Told To Me

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Xlibris Corporation, Jul 15, 2011 - Self-Help - 133 pages
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The Holy Bible contains God and his promises to every believer. Through the Holy Spirit, by divine revelations, we get to know and understand God words to us. Author Ted Theodore shares wisdom and divine insight about God’s word to every reader, especially devout Christians, in his book, As It Was Told To Me.

“When God promises, rather when God speaks, His Word is certain. It is definite. It is truth. It is life. When Jesus said, ‘The words that I speak are spirit and life’, He was referring to the spiritual creation of the Word and the eventual physical manifestation. It is this certainty that makes the concordance meaning of the word ‘promise’, in the New Testament, come alive,” the author stated.

In As It Was Told To Me, Theodore offers a deeper understanding of the scriptures found in the books of the Holy Bible. He captures truths that help readers understand about God, his absolute power, eternal presence, the value of faith, the lessons found in the Book of Genesis, the importance of prayer, and inspires readers to re-examine their beliefs, and their spiritual journey. This book will open readers’ eyes to the truth of God’s words – providing a deeper and greater understanding of the Bible, which will eventually help them to in their spiritually growth and walk with God.

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The Reality of a Promise
Worry Not Believe
God Has You All Sorted Out
You Are Not There Yet
God Indwelling Us
God Is Looking I
God Is Looking II
God Is Looking III
Are You Making Returns?
The Prefacing Question
Are You Ready and Mindful?
You Do Not Need One More Man
The Grace of Purpose
What You Are Holding May Be Holding on to You
Pay Your Vows to the Lord
Do Not Serve God on Your Own Secular or Spiritual Terms

God Is Looking IVCleansing Is Necessary
Keeping Our Thoughts Pure
The Potential of the Word
Bringing Into Manifestation
All Things Worketh for Good   
Blind Obedience Isnt That Faith?
Nurture the Bent
Blessings in a Seed
Discretion Pays
What Pattern Are You Building To?
Look Beyond the Obvious
Obey in Parts Obey in Whole
Leadership 101
Cycles of Life Blessings
Some Prayer Backing Usually Helps
Get Up Go Back
Leadership Accountability
God Is Our Source
Loving Simplicity?
The Shining Pathway
Be Blessed in Your Strength
Adversity and Friendships
God Will Show Up Wait for Him
You May Be in Gods Way
Set on Purpose
For Our Own Good So We May Share in His Holiness
Righteousness Prepares the Way
Your Enemies Have No Choice
Dont Send a Boy to Do a Mans Job
Theres More Than the Eyes Can See   
Look for the Seed Not the Finished Product
Purposeful Communication
Attracting Divine Attention
Currency Not Status
He Is Able to Do    Above
The Virtues of Stewardship
Abraham Patterns
Lifting Up Holy Hands
Extending Your GiftsPotential
Manifesting the GiftsPotential in YouI
Manifesting the GiftsPotential in YouII
Manifesting the GiftsPotential in YouIII
Sinning Habitually?
InsideOutside Paradigm
Humility Is a Choice
Explore    Push Your Boundaries
The Manifest Presence
Brighter and Brighter
Preparing for Assured Success
What Are You Doing?
Your Eyes Set the Limit
Desire the Purging of God

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