The Works of Thomas Middleton, Volume 7

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J.C. Nimno, 1886 - English drama
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Page 260 - Now for the fruits then: Flow forth, precious spring, So long and dearly sought for, and now bring Comfort to all that love thee, loudly sing, And with thy crystal murmurs strook together, Bid all thy true well-wishers welcome hither.
Page 258 - Long have we labour'd, long desir'd, and pray'd For this great work's perfection ; and by th' aid Of Heaven and good men's wishes, 'tis at length Happily conquered, by cost, art, and strength.
Page 215 - Tryumphant Passage (from the Tower) through his Honourable Citie (and Chamber) of London, being the 15 of March, 1603.
Page 263 - Highnesse creation, as it was celebrated in his Majesties Palace of Whitehall, on Monday, the fourth of November, 1616. As also the Ceremonies of that Ancient and Honourable Order of the Knights of the Bath ; And all the Triumphs showne in honour of his Royall Creation.
Page 225 - Why then is fiction to this end so hateful to our true ignorants? Or why should a poor chronicler of a Lord Mayor's naked truth (that peradventure will last his year) include more worth with our modern wizards than Homer for his naked Ulysses clad in eternal fiction?
Page 259 - And where (before) many just complaints Enviously seated, caused oft restraints, Stops and great crosses to our master's charge, And the work's hindrance : favour now at large Spreads itself open to him, and commends, To admiration both his pains and ends. The King's most gracious love. Perfection draws Favour from princes, and (from all) applause.
Page 274 - Arms, approached the Prince's table, and with a loud and audible voice proclaimed the King's style in Latin, French, and English, thrice; and the Prince's, in like manner, twice : then the trumpets sounding, the second course came in ; and dinner done, that day's solemnity ceased.
Page 114 - If you'll persist still in your devil's part, Present him as you should do, and let one That carries up the goodness of the play Come in that habit, and I'll speak with him ; Then will the parts be fitted, and the spectators 30 Know which is which : they must have cunning judgments 3 To find it else, for such a one as you i For " reverend respect
Page 235 - Sir Thomas Middleton, grocer, and mayor in 1613," says Herbert, in his History of the Twelve Great Livery Companies of London, " was nearly the first who attempted an emblematical and scenic representation of his company, in a water spectacle, consisting (in imitation of the pageant mentioned to have been exhibited by Sir John Wells to Henry VI.*) of ' five islands, artfully garnished with all manner of Indian fruit trees, drugges, spiceries, and the like; the middle island having a faire castle...
Page 257 - Knight, then Lord Mayor, the learned and judicious Sir HENRY MONTAGUE, Knight, Master Recorder, and many of the Right Worshipful the Aldermen of the City of London, at that most famous and admired work of the Running Stream, from Amwell Head into the Cistern near...

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