Annual Report of the United States Life-Saving Service

Front Cover
U.S. Government Printing Office, 1900

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Page 362 - Clear the mouth and throat of mucus by introducing into the throat the corner of a handkerchief wrapped closely around the forefinger ; turn the patient on the back, the roll of clothing being so placed as to raise the pit of the stomach above the level of the rest of the body.
Page 349 - ... the hawser. In such a case a breeches buoy or life car will be hauled off by the whip, or sent off to you by the shot line, and you will be hauled ashore through the surf. If your vessel is stranded during the night and discovered by the patrolman, which you will know by his burning a brilliant red light, keep a bright lookout for signs of the arrival of the life-saving crew abreast of your vessel.
Page 364 - After reaction is fully established there is great danger of congestion of the lungs, and if perfect rest is not maintained for at least forty-eight hours it sometimes occurs that the patient is seized with great difficulty of breathing, and death is liable to follow unless immediate relief is afforded. In such cases apply a large mustard plaster over the breast.
Page 349 - ... signal is seen on shore, a hawser will be bent to the whip line, and will be hauled off to the ship by those on shore. 5. When the hawser is got on board, the crew should at once make it fast to the same part of the ship as the...
Page 361 - Do not move the patient unless in danger of freezing; instantly expose the face to the air, toward the wind if there be any; wipe dry the mouth and nostrils; rip the clothing so as to expose the chest and waist; give two or three quick, smarting slaps on the chest with the open hand. If the patient does not revive proceed immediately as follows: RULE II.
Page 347 - This tailblock should be hauled on board as quickly as possible to prevent the whip drifting off with the set or fouling with wreckage, etc. Therefore, if you have been driven into the rigging, where but one or two men can work to advantage, cut the shot line and run it through some available block, such as the throat or...
Page 363 - Continue the drying and rubbing, which should have been unceasingly practiced from the beginning by assistants, taking care not to interfere with the means employed to produce breathing. Thus the limbs of the patient should be rubbed, always in an upward direction toward the body, with...
Page 349 - ... through the sand or over bad roads to where your vessel is stranded. Lights on the beach will indicate their arrival, and the sound of cannon firing from the shore may be taken as evidence that a line has been fired across your vessel. Therefore, upon hearing the cannon, make strict search aloft, fore and aft, for the shot line, for it is almost certain to be there. Though the...
Page 346 - ... to remain on board until assistance arrives, and under no circumstances should they attempt to land through the surf in their own boat» until the last hope of assistance from the shore has vanished.
Page 347 - When the end of the hawser is got on board, a tally board will be found attached, bearing the following directions in English on one side and French on the other: " Make this hawser fast about 2 feet above the tailblock, see all clear and that the rope in the block runs free, and show signal to the shore.

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