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I think everyone should own this book, not just parents. As soon as you open it you'll want to spend a day in the kitchen preparing tinctures and infusions and actually sort of wishing your child would get sick so you can practice some of the remedies. Ok, not really, but this book is full of great information and inspiration. Not only is it very informative, I like it because it is so balanced. I know plenty of people who will say things like "Herbal medicine is for quacks who are more concerned with bucking The System than real healing" or "Conventional doctors are just out to get your money and make you more sick so they can get MORE money from you". I really appreciate Ms. Romm's opinion: have a healthy lifestyle, and if you get sick try these herbal remedies, but if it's critical or if it's not helping, seek medical attention. In my opinion, that's the best way to go. Get yourself a copy of this great book! 

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