The Thistle of Scotland: A Selection of Ancient Ballads, with Notes, Volume 4

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author, 1823 - Ballads - 108 pages

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Page 91 - High tower'd his helmed head : I mark'd his mail, I mark'd his shield, I 'spy'd the sparkling of his spear, I saw his giant arm the falchion wield ; Wide wav'd the bick'ring blade, and fir'd the angry air.
Page 53 - I did never wreak, When power was in my hand, And you, dear friends, no vengeance seek, It is my last command. Forgive the man whose rage betray'd Macpherson's worthless life : When I am gone, be it not said, My legacy was strife. And ye that blame with cruel scorn The wand'ring gipsy's ways, Oh think if homeless, houseless born, Ye could spend better days ! If all the wealth on land or sea Before my eyes were spread, I'd give them all this hour to be On the soldier's dying bed. Though cut and hack'd...
Page 60 - But if ye strike me I will cry, And gentlemen will hear me ; Lord Fyvie will be riding by, And he'll come in and see me.
Page 47 - Brackley but his brother and he. " Twa gallanter Gordons did never sword draw : But against four and thirty, wae's me, what is twa ." Wi' swords and wi' daggers they did him surround; And they've pierced bonny Brackley wi
Page 58 - My love, I go to Edinbro', And for a while must leave thee." She sighed sore, and said no more, " But, I wish that I were wi
Page 66 - Love pines away, love dwines away, Love, love, decays the body; For love o...
Page 59 - Our time is gone and now comes on, My dear, that I must leave thee ; If longer here I should appear, Mill o
Page 61 - No kind of vice e'er stain'd my life, Nor hurt my virgin honour ; My youthful heart was won by love, But death will me exoner.
Page 65 - O Andrew's gane to the house-top * O' the bonny house o' Fyvie ; He's blawn his horn baith loud and shill O'er the lawland leas o' Fyvie. " Mony a time ha'e I walk'd a...
Page 59 - I will be true and constant too, To thee, my Andrew Lammie, But my bridal bed will ere then be made, In the green churchyard of Fyvie.

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