The Kaushítaki-bráhmaṇa-upanishad: With the Commentary of Śankaránanda

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C.B. Lewis, Baptist Mission Press, 1861 - Upanishads - 190 pages

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Page 203 - the need for an earlier return. Non-receipt ofoverdue notices does not exempt the borrowerfrom overdue fines. Harvard College Widener Library Cambridge, MA 02138 617-49¿-2413 Please handle with care. Thank you for
Page 146 - born either as a worm or a grasshopper or a fish or a bird or a lion or a boar or a serpent or a tiger or a man or some other creature, according to his deeds and his knowledge. Him, when he comes, the
Page 147 - one hundred with perfumes in their hands, one hundred with garlands in their hands, one hundred with garments in their hands, one hundred with pounded aromatics in their hands ; they adorn him with the adornment of
Page 146 - was united to a father of twelve and thirteen months, to - know the knowledge that is truth and to know the knowledge that is against the truth ; uphold, then, 0 gods, the due times of my life that I may win immortality. By my words of truth, by my toils and sufferings, I
Page 162 - become one, for none at the same time can make known a name by the speech, a form by the eye, a sound by the ear, a thought by the mind ; the
Page 161 - on the earth, and not one hair of my head was harmed. Whoso knows me, by no deed soever is his future bliss harmed, not by theft, not by a
Page 172 - of all gods and all beings, he attained sovereignty and empire. Thus too is it with him who hath this knowledge, having destroyed all sins,—and he attaineth the
Page 154 - all beings bow (sannam) to him for his excellence. Let him worship it as beauty, let him worship it as glory, let him worship it as splendour. Just as this (bow) is among weapons, the. most beautiful, the most glorious, the most splendid,—so
Page 163 - then the speech enters it with all names, the eye enters it with all forms, the hearing enters it with all sounds, the mind enters it with all thoughts. When he departs from this body, he departs with all these.*
Page 155 - Next on the day of the full moon let him in this same way adore the moon when it is seen in front of him, (saying), ‘ Thou art Soma, the brilliant, the wise, the five-mouthed, the lord of creatures. The

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