Commentaries on the war in Russia and Germany in 1812 and 1813

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Page 396 - This is, we think, THE MOST EXTRAORDINARY WORK OF THE PRESENT AGE, whether with reference to the wonderful discoveries it describes, its remarkable verification of our early bilbical history, or of the talent, courage, and perseverance of its author.
Page 385 - Five Years of a Hunter's Life In the Far Interior of South Africa. With Notices of the Native Tribes, and Anecdotes of the Chase of the Lion, Elephant, Hippopotamus, Giraffe, Rhinoceros, &c.
Page 308 - Maubourg received a severe wound, which disabled him for life; Murat was in great danger of being taken ; and six guns fell into the hands of the Cossacks. Thus 5000 of the French cavalry, led by Murat in person, were foiled by an insignificant obstacle. They were seized with a panic; and, for want of a second line on which to rally, and from which to take a fresh departure, — a precaution without...
Page 399 - BIRT'S (WR) Hurricane Guide. Being an Attempt to connect the Rotatory Gale, or Revolving Storm, with Atmospheric Waves. With Circles on Cards. Post 8vo.
Page 393 - A General History of Greece from the Earliest Period to the Death of Alexander the Great, with a sketch of the subsequent History to the present time. New...
Page 396 - English history. In these days when the fulfilment of prophecy is engaging so much attention, we cannot but consider that this work will be found to afford many extraordinary proofs of the truth of biblical history, and of the extreme accuracy of the denunciations of the prophets Isaiah and Ezekiel against the Kings of Assyria, and of the destruction of Nineveh in particular.
Page 396 - WELLESLEY'S (REV. DR.) Anthologia Polyglotta ; a Selection of Versions in various Languages, chiefly from the Greek Anthology Svo, 15s.; or4to, 42s.
Page 397 - Campbell's eminence could have produced such a work as he has put forth. None but lawyers of his experience and acquirements could have compiled a work combining the same interest as a narration, to the public generally, with the same amount of practical information, for professional aspirants more particularly.
Page 393 - Mahomet; the narrative flows on without interruption from the first page to the last, and occasionally it is brightened by passages of unusual beauty, diction, and pictorial effect in the grouping of ideas and of situations."— Afhentcum.
Page 230 - At this instant a cannon-shot struck Moreau, who at the moment might have been half a horse's length in advance of the Emperor, on the right leg, and, passing through the horse, shattered his left knee.

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