Gpus in the Cloud

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O'Reilly Media, Incorporated, 1 квіт. 2011 р. - 50 стор.
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GPUs have been increasingly used as tools for high-performance computation, in addition to graphics. They play a major role in finance, bioinformatics, image processing, artificial intelligence, and other areas that require extremely high computational performance. Amazon has noticed this trend, and recently added GPU instances to EC2. This book shows you how to use Amazon's EC2 GPU instances effectively, whatever your problem domain.

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Про автора (2011)

Andrew Sheppard left scientific research at Oxford University to work as a financial quantitative analyst (“Quant”) at Bankers Trust in the City of London some twenty plus years ago. Over the intervening years, Andrew has worked as a Quant, and managed teams of Quants, across a number of markets (FX, Equities, Fixed Income, Energy) in London, New York and Tokyo for a variety of banks, much of the time as a consultant. Most recently he was Chief Quant and CTO at a multi-strategy hedge fund based in New York. A lot of heartache and anguish could have been avoided throughout had he become what is clearly the optimal career choice for anyone anywhere: a master plumber. Nowhere on the planet is there a poor or unemployed master plumber! Alas, too late to correct past follies, Andrew continues to ply his trade in quantitative finance as a consultant.

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