The Communist Manifesto

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Everyone should read this book…regardless of your own economic philosophy…just a brief jaunt through youtube's comment sections will teach you that most people (particularly in the USA, where they are still suffering from their governments understandable but misguided "Red Terror" propaganda against the old, non-marxist USSR 50's-80's) know nothing about the economic philosophy of Marx.
His historical determinism and belief that Capitalism wouldn't check-itself with things like social welfare…his belief that a common global working class identity would ultimately lead to a global revolution…both, misguided…
He never saw the exportation of the working class to the sweatshops of the developing world or the inherent fracturing of society through racism, culturalism and religion continuing into the 21st century.
His description of Capitalism shifting power from nations to corporations, from flags to logo's…his prediction of the 1%…his explanation of the breakdown of modernism, through perpetual 'reinvention' and 'fashion' leading to a people more inclined to look again for meaning (rather than being instructed as to the meaning of the human condition)…his explanation of the need to constantly create new markets, in new places…and his doff of the cap to Capitalism for the speed at which it offers development of industry and technology…all spot on.
Ultimately, I was a Conservative…a child of the 1980's…and, now, I'm pretty left wing…because Marx opens up the possibility that the material accumulation of wealth might not be 'the end' of the human condition…that there are virtues and values which were lost in the development of the markets…that without some kind of lynch-pins to stay the tide of vacuous, meaningless self interest, we'll all become Kardasians…and, while, Marxism, to ironically quote Trotsky (the last Marxist before Stalin had him killed) has "been resigned to the rubbish-bin of history", there are lessons to be learnt and things to be understood in his critique of unrestrained capitalism.
Atlas may have shrugged, but Marx flipped the birdie and called for humanity to think about what was important and best serves the human condition.

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Brilliant diagnostic of the problems with capitolism, especially when capitoism as an economic system becomes conflated with politics and social policy. When a businessman says "We need to run governmnet like a business!", why does anyone appluad? Oddly, Marx's grasp of human psychology goes right down the toilet when he attempts to prescribe a solution. 

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