School Science and Mathematics, Volume 17

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School Science and Mathematics Association., 1917 - Education
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Page 468 - I move that the report of the Nominating Committee be accepted; and that the Secretary be instructed to cast a ballot, for all the members present, for the officers named by the Nominating Committee.
Page 526 - I presently found that, by means of this lens, air was expelled from it very readily. Having got about three or four times as much as the bulk of my materials, I admitted water to it, and found that it was not imbibed by it. But what surprised me more than I can well express was that a candle burned in this air with a remarkably vigorous flame...
Page 784 - The rectangle contained by the diagonals of a quadrilateral ,figure inscribed in a circle, is equal to both the rectangles contained by i'ts opposite sides.
Page 863 - ... says Dr. Suzzallo, President of University of Washington, Seattle. WHEN QUESTIONS ARISE in the history recitation, in language work, spelling, or about noted people, places, foreign words, synonyms, pronunciation, new words, flags, state seals, etc., do you suggest that WEBSTER'S NEW INTERNATIONAL Dictionary is a universal question answerer and contains just the information desired?
Page 419 - One mental function or activity improves others in so far as and because they are in part identical with it, because it contains elements common to them. Addition improves multiplication because multiplication is largely addition ; knowledge of Latin gives increased ability to learn French because many of the facts learned in the one case are needed in the other.
Page 347 - The results obtained are published in annual reports and in special publications; charts upon various scales, including sailing charts, general charts of the coast, and harbor charts; tide tables issued annually in advance; Coast Pilots, with sailing directions covering the navigable waters; Notices to Mariners...
Page 148 - I said above, that the faculties of our souls are improved and made useful to us just after the same manner as our bodies are. Would you have a man write or paint, dance or fence well, or perform any other manual operation dexterously and with ease ; let him have ever so much...
Page 526 - ... a remarkably vigorous flame, very much like that enlarged flame with which a candle burns in nitrous air, exposed to iron or liver of sulphur; but as I had got nothing like this remarkable appearance from any kind of air besides this particular modification of nitrous air, and I knew no nitrous acid was used in the preparation of mercurius calcinatus, I was utterly at a loss how to account for it.
Page 671 - The area of the inscribed regular hexagon is the mean proportional between the areas of the inscribed and circumscribed equilateral triangles.
Page 378 - Law, Medicine, Education, and Divinity. Instruction is given by regular members of the University staff which is augmented in the summer by appointment of professors and instructors from other institutions.

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