Shakespeares Pericles: Being a Reproduction in Facsimile of the First Edition, 1609, from the Copy in the Malone Collection in the Bodleian Library

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Clarendon Press, 1905 - Princes - 54 pages
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Page 32 - The much admired Play called Pericles, Prince of Tyre, with the true Relation of the whole History, Adventures, and Fortunes of the said Prince, Written by W. Shakespeare, and published in his life time.' Chetwinde's text is that of the quarto of
Page 47 - runs:—< The late, and much admired Play, called Pericles, Prince of Tyre. With the true Relation of the whole History, adventures, and fortunes of the sayd Prince : Written by Will: Shakespeare.' There is a device with the motto In domino confido^
Page 20 - May 20, i5o8, Edward Blount, the most cultivated publisher of the day, obtained a licence for its publication. The entry runs :— Entred [to Edward Blount] for his copie under thandes of Sir George Buck knight and Master Warden Seton A booke called. The booke of Pericles prynce of Tyre vjd.
Page 8 - of the strange accidents that befell vnto Prince Apollonius, the Lady Lucina his wife and Tharsia his daughter. Wherein the vncertaintie of this world, and the fickle state of mans life are liuely described. Gathered into English by Lavrence Twine Gentleman. Imprinted at London by William How.
Page 54 - HAROLD E. ZAEHNSDORF, JOSEPH. THE LATE, And much admired Play, Called Pericles, Prince of Tyre.. With the true Relation of the whole
Page 13 - ridge. According to Coleridge, Pericles illustrated ' the way in which Shakespeare handled a piece he had to refit for representation. At first he proceeded with indifference, only now and then troubling himself to put in a thought or an image, but as he advanced he interested himself in his employment, and [large portions of the last three acts] are almost
Page 19 - 1684):— Shakespeares own Muse her Pericles first bore, The Prince of Tyre was elder than the Moore. criticism. Although the exclusion of the piece from the Folios of The
Page 15 - Prince of j Tyre. | Being \ The true History of the Play of Pericles^ as it was | lately presented by the worthy and
Page 23 - much-to-be-regarded Art of Brachygraphy' (chap, xxxix), that it Ģis an Art newly discovered or newly recovered, and is of very good and necessary use, being well and honestly exercised, for, by the meanes and helpe thereof, they which know it can readily take a Sermon, Oration, Play, or any long speech, as they are spoke, dictated, acted, and uttered in the instant
Page 18 - all the Roomes Did swarme with Gentiles mix'd with Groomes i So that I truly thought all These Came to see Shore

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