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Presses of Edwards and Broughton, 1906 - 36 pages
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Page 27 - Revolution, was at hand to lay before the Marine Committee his luminous letters embodying his views as to the material and personnel of the navy — letters so strong and forceful, so illuminating, and instructive, that the one pertaining to personnel may well stand for all time." This letter on personnel was addressed to Hewes, who before submitting it to the committee showed it to Gen. Washington, whose comment upon it was : "Mr. Jones is clearly not only a master mariner within the scope of the...
Page 27 - The command of the America could not have been more judiciously bestowed, and it is with impatience that I wish her at sea, where she will do honor to her name. Nothing gives me so much surprise, or so much regret, as the inattention of my countrymen to their navy : it is a bulwark as essential as it is to Great Britain.
Page 29 - Dear Sir: As those who have fought and bled for us in the late contest cannot be held in too high esteem, and as Chevalier John Paul Jones i* among the foremost who derived their appointment from this State that deserves to be held in remembrance to the latest Ages, I take the liberty of offering to the State as a present thro" you, its chief Magistrate, the Bust of that great man and good soldier to perpetuate his memory.
Page 32 - Britain and her colonies; took of her navy two ships of equal, and two of far superior force, many store ships, and others; constrained her to fortify her ports; suffer the Irish volunteers; desist from her cruel burnings in America, and exchange, as prisoners of war, the American citizens, taken on the ocean and cast into prisons in England as ' traitors, pirates, and felons!
Page 8 - Jones died in 1760, and by the terms of his will had made John Paul the residuary legatee of his brother (William) in case the latter should die without issue, provided that John Paul would assume, as his brother had done, the patronymic of Jones. On his visit to Rappahanock in 1769, Captain John Paul legally qualified under the provisions of the will of William Jones by recording his assent to its requirements in due form.
Page 34 - There were five characters of that day, whose extraordinary services in the cause of the first Provincial Congress deserve to be particularly noticed. John Harvey, William Hooper, Willie Jones, Samuel Johnston and James Iredell, were the principal pioneers in that great and perilous undertaking." So that we find Harvey, to whom the whole State looked as its leader, singling out Willie Jones as the first man in the State with whom he could counsel as to the grave, momentous and extremely perilous...
Page 28 - I could see a prospect of half a dozen line of battle ships under the American flag, commanded by Commodore Paul Jones, engaged with an equal British force, I apprehend the event would be so glorious for the United States, and lay so sure a foundation for their prosperity, that it would be a rich compensation for A continuance of the war.
Page 31 - After an unprofitable suspense of twenty months, (having subsisted on fifty pounds only during that time,) when my hopes of relief were entirely cut off, and there remained no possibility of my receiving wherewithal to subsist upon from my effects in your island, or in England, I at last had recourse to strangers for that aid and comfort which was denied me by those friends whom I had entrusted with my all. The good offices which are rendered to persons in their extreme need, ought to make deep impressions...
Page 9 - ... clerk of the Circuit Court of Spottsylvania County, Virginia, and taken from the records on file in his office. It begins thus: "I, William Paul, of the town of Fredericksburg and county of Spottsylvania in Virginia, being in perfectly sound memory, thanks be to Almighty God," etc., etc. The third clause of the will is in these words: "It is my will and desire that my lots and houses in this town be sold and converted into money for as much as they will bring, that with all my other estate being...
Page 31 - Sicaton, (late manager on the estates of Arch. Stuart, Esq.) who informed me that Mr Ferguson had quitted Orange Valley, on being charged with the unjust application of the property of his employers. I have been, and am extremely concerned at this account ; I wish to disbelieve it, although it seems too much of a piece with the unfair advantage which, .to all appearance, he took of me, when he left me in exile for twenty months, a prey to melancholy and want, and withheld my property, without writing...

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