Report of the City Statistician, Volume 1

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Page 12 - Westward the course of empire takes its way. The four first acts already past, A fifth shall close the drama with the day. Time's noblest offspring is the last.
Page 36 - No portage was too long for me ; all portages were alike. My end of the canoe never touched the ground till I saw the end of it.
Page 43 - June, 1680, not being satisfied, with having made my discovery by land, I took two canoes, with an Indian who was my interpreter, and four Frenchmen, to seek means to make it by water. With this view I entered a river which empties eight leagues from the extremity of Lake Superior, on the south side, where, after having cut some trees and broken about a hundred beaver dams, I reached the upper waters of the said river, and then...
Page 36 - Have had twelve wives and six running dogs. I spent all my money in pleasure. Were I young again, I should spend my life the same way over. There is no life so happy as a voyageur's life.
Page 34 - Montreal to the outlying depots and return, are contemptuously dubbed mangrum de lard,' " pork-eaters," because their pampered appetites demand peas and pork, rather than hulled corn and tallow. Two of the crew, one at the bow and the other at the stern, being especially skilled in the craft of handling the paddle in the rapids, receive higher wages than the rest. Into the canoe...
Page 34 - The boatmen, or engages, having spent their season's gains in carousal, packed their blanket capotes and were ready for the wilderness again. They made a picturesque crew in their gaudy turbans, or hats adorned with plumes and tinsel, their brilliant handkerchiefs tied sailorfashion about swarthy necks, their calico shirts, and their flaming worsted belts, which served to hold the knife and the tobacco pouch.
Page 34 - ... systems of the continent. The trading canoe measures forty feet in length, with a depth of three, and a width of five. It will float four tons of freight, and yet is carried by four men over difficult portages. Its crew of eight men is engaged at a salary of from five to eight hundred livres, about $100 to $160 per annum, with a yearly outfit of coarse clothing and a daily food allowance of a quart of hulled corn, or peas, seasoned with two ounces of tallow.
Page 107 - The names and residences of the stockholders and the number of shares held by each are as follows: V.
Page 28 - The salubrity of the province is sufficiently shown by its cloudless skies, its elastic air, and almost entire absence of fogs. The lightness of the atmosphere has a most invigorating effect upon the spirits. The winter frosts are severe and steady, and the summer suns are hot, and bring on vegetation with wonderful rapidity. It is true that the spring of Canada differs much from the spring of many parts of Europe ; but after her long winter, the crops start up as if by magic, and reconcile her inhabitants...
Page 34 - ... and thirty-five guides. It sent annually to Montreal 106,000 beaver-skins, to say nothing of other peltries. When the proprietors from Montreal met the proprietors from the northern posts, and with their clerks gathered at the banquet in their large log hall to the number of a hundred, the walls hung with spoils of the chase, the rough tables...

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