Report of the Department of Health, the City of New York. 1901

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Department of Health, 1902
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Page 16 - No milk which has been watered, adulterated, reduced or changed in any " respect by the addition of water or other substance, or by the removal of cream, shall be " brought into, held, kept or offered for sale at any place in The City of New York ; nor shall " any one keep, have or offer for sale in the said city any such milk. " The term ' adulterated ' when so used in this section means : " First — Milk containing more than eighty-eight per centum of water or fluids.
Page 16 - Milk which has been diluted with water or any other fluid, or to which has been added or into which has been introduced any foreign substance whatever.
Page 16 - adulterated ' when so used in this section means : " First — Milk containing more than eighty-eight per centum of water or fluids. " Second — Milk containing less than twelve per centum of milk solids. " Third — Milk containing less than three per centum of fats. " Fourth — Milk drawn from animals within fifteen days before or five days after parturition.
Page 15 - Anopheles mosquitoes are present, is a constant source of " danger, not only to the inmates of the house, but to the immediate neighborhood, if proper " precautions are not taken. It should be noted in this connection that the mosquitoes may remain " in a house through an entire winter and probably infect the inmates in the spring upon the
Page 16 - That neither the business of slaughtering cattle, nor the keeping of any slaughter-house, nor the yarding of cattle, shall be begun or undertaken at any new or additional place...
Page 14 - Resolved, That all public institutions, hospitals, homes, asylums etc., be required to report all cases of malarial fever which come under their observation, giving the name, age, sex, occupation and present address of the patient, and also information as to whether the attack is a primary infection or a relapse, and the address where the disease was probably contracted. "Resolved, That all physicians in the City of New York be requested to furnish similar information in regard to patients suffering...
Page 15 - Certain simple precautions suffice to~protect persons living in malarial districts from infection: First: — Proper screening of the house to prevent the entrance of the mosquitoes (after careful search for and destruction of all those already present in the house) and screening of the bed at night. The chief danger of infection is at night (the Anopheles bite mostly at this time). Second: — The screening of persons in malarial 'districts who are suffering from malarial fever, so that mosquitoes...
Page 16 - No milk shall be received, held, kept, either for sale or delivered in the city of New York, without a permit in writing from the board of health, and subject to the conditions thereof.
Page 7 - SIR: I have the honor to submit the following report of the operations of the department of health for the calendar year 1916.
Page 14 - That the circulars of information of the Department of Health regarding the causation and prevention of malarial fever be mailed to the addresses in which malarial infection has apparently been contracted, and also to the addresses from which the cases are reported, when these are different. "Resolved, That postal cards for furnishing the required data be prepared and forwarded to institutions and physicians for reporting the cases of malarial fever which come under their observation, as is done...

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